Clo & Emerson: "Our Secrets to a Happy Marriage"

As our series continues, I'm excited to share my boyfriend Charlie's grandparents, Clo and Emerson!  I first met them on a trip to Cape Cod for Clo's birthday. They were so inviting and warm. I immediately felt comfortable in their presence. They are what every married couple aspires to be. :) And on June 16th, they will be celebrating their 61st wedding anniversary! Wow! So without further ado, here are their "secrets to a happy marriage."

And for those who don't know, this series was inspired by our film "After the Wedding," which is currently on the crowd funding site Kickstarter. We only have 8 days to go in order to reach our goal and we're lucky enough to have a donor who will be matching us through Sunday! Which means if you donate a $1, we get $2!

How did you meet and how long have you been married?
Clotilde Sokolowski was 14 and Emerson Davis was 16 when we met as sophomores in the same High School.  And on June 16, 2012 we will celebrate our 61st wedding anniversary.    

How did you know he/she was "the one?"
There was a strong physical attraction and we had a desire to be with each other and felt secure when we were.

How did you propose?
Emerson: initiated by Clo, it became a mutual agreement. Though only 21 and 23 and without much money, we were optimistic about the future together. 
Clo: Emerson was very industrious and we wanted to commit to each other.

Do you have any favorite stories from your marriage or about your husband/wife?
It has been a life full of adventures and surprises, many stories, ups and downs, happiness and sorrows.

What's your secret to a happy marriage and what advice would you give to a newlywed?
Compromise, trust, flexibility and listening to your partner while discussing problems.  Do not harbor negative feelings, get on with it ---- tomorrow is a brighter day.  As you age adjustments have to be made along the journey...

Thank you, Clo and Emerson! Your words of wisdom have been duly noted. :) 

And remember to visit our "After the Wedding" Kickstarter -- 8 days to go!        


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Congratulations, you still have the same smile.


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great post!!! have a nice weekend!!!

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these posts you publish are so lovely :)

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