Have a Dreamy Weekend!

It's no secret that we're obsessed with anything Vanessa Bruno does and since this video was released earlier this week, we cannot stop watching it. Kate Bosworth is stunning and gorgeous and the whole thing is just unbelievably beautiful. Be sure to check out the director, St├ęphanie Di Giusto's other work here.

On another note, it's Friday! I'm trying to catch up on all the Oscar flicks, so I'm going to see The Descendants tonight and hope it's as good as everyone's saying it is. Have you seen it yet?

The rest of the weekend, I'll probably lay low and maybe attempt to make this. Slightly ambitious, but I'm sorta feeling it. My co-workers on Monday might just be a lucky bunch.

How about you? Any fun weekend plans?

And now for our weekly links. Enjoy! ♥

Obsessed with Pinterest? These are the coolest Pinners to follow.

The most Valentine's Day appropriate architecture.

Champagne waffles and chocolate butter? Yes, please!

My new fave Tumblr makes me want to go camping.

But since I probably won't go camping anytime soon, I'd settle for this.

Just a lil' horsin' around!

I'm a huge fan of red lipstick. This lady is rad for loving it too.

And to sum things up, if you enjoyed the video look book above, check out a video Karina did last year (in case you missed it!)

Have a great weekend!


The Fashionable ESQ :

I too am a Vanessa Bruno fan
Happy Friday <3

The Fashionable ESQ

Anonymous :

that was really amazing. thanks for sharing. I had never heard of her (or him) before.

have a great weekend!!

Anonymous :

ooops. I mean double 'her', of course :)

Lauravne :

This cake looks delicious! :) you should make some pictures when you made it and post it on your blog! You're weekend seems quite nice (:

I have to work tomorrow and after that I need to learn a lot of schoolwork. I have to do this as well on sunday, but not all day long. Sunday evening I am going with a friend to some other friends. Eating pizza and we are going to play poker (: really think I suck at it but however it is going to be fun!

Soo yeah, that's my weekend! :)

Miss Amy :

Thanks for the link to the Get Busy Living tumblr site. What gorgeous photos! Makes me want to go camping too!!!

Punctuation Mark :

love everything about that video... have a great week!

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