Have a dreamy weekend!

It' Friday! This weekend is going to be great. But I'm especially excited about Superbowl Sunday. For those who don't know, in addition to working with my seesters on exciting projects, I also work in advertising. So Sunday is a big day for the ad world. I love watching what crazy commercials will be aired, even though a few have already leaked, including this awesome spot feat. After the Wedding's very own Nick Puga. Go, Nick! Oh, and can't wait for the half-time show. :)

How will you guys spend your superbowl Sunday? Do you actually watch the game?

And on to some links!

V-day chocolates. Yum!

Stunning wedding invite. I'd join!

S*it Miami Girls Say. This hits close to home:)

I want this Vince sweater. Goes with everything.

Loving M.I.A.'s new video for Bad Girls.

Blog ♥ : Caviar Taste, Tuna Fish Wallet.

Have I died and gone to heaven? Potato chip cookies.

5 easy tips for the perfect blowout. Duly noted!

Mint green shoes. I want!

Can't stop looking at this: one upon a time celebrity couples


Eliza Jane :

Great links! I love the shoes.....

Wander.Lust :

great links, love the tips for a perfect blowout... hope you ladies had a wonderful weekend!

Katie*Belle :

Fantastic photos! I love Bill Murray. He bought my mom and her girlfriends drinks in Vail once when they were in their twenties : )

Karina Cifuentes :

Katie, that's an amazing story!!! I hear he's quite the charmer. :)

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