Happy Valentine's Day... Now let's eat chocolate!

Happy Valentine's Day, sweet peeps! OK, let's get real for a moment. What is reeeeally the best part of Valentine's Day? Why its eating unlimited amounts of chocolate, of course! Whether you're coupled up or a singleton, drug stores and malls across the globe are tempting us with chocolate deliciousness around this time of year. (I can finish this box in one sitting.) I am obsessed with chocolate so I appreciate the photo above. Can you recognize most of them? I can! What's your favorite chocolate? Mine is chocolate-covered coconut. :) Have a lovely day!

P.S. The sickest chocolate chip cookie!

P.P.S Food & Wine's Valentine's Day Chocolate Taste Test.

(Photo by Rachel Been Via And Then Some...)


Dede Tabak :

um, i need those jacque torres chocolate chip cookies immediately!

Ana Degenaar :

Let's do it!

Eliza Jane :

Ooooh....those look delicious!

Claudia Cifuentes :

Dede, I'm going to try to make those cookies this weekend! :)

Rhônya Holman :

Happy Valentine's Day girls!

Have a beautiful week as well!!!

La Mode Operandi :


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