Let's get down to business

The seesters and I are in the process of finally getting business cards. Bring it, 2012! So I've been searching the web for some inspiration. There are so many great styles to choose from but I particularly liked the ones above. Do you have business cards? What style do you prefer? Minimal, artistic, letterpress?

P.S. Here's a great post with the coolest business cards from Alt Summit 2012.


La Mode Operandi :

I attempted at making my own business cars that consisted of water colours and markers. When it came down to duplicating them whilst photocopying, it became too much of a job, cutting, pasting and the like. Ended up looking like, well, something I made! hah! note to self: get business cards professionally made!

Ana Degenaar :

Love graphic cards :)

Morlee :

You'll have to show us when you decide on them. I can't wait to see because I'm sure they'll be amazing!

Claudia Cifuentes :

Aw, definitely will Morlee! xo

Eliza Jane :

I had business cards when I was teaching (in Vancouver, before I moved to Australia). My cards were bright pink. That probably doesn't say anything good about gender stereotypes, but I liked them, and they got people's attention.

Rhônya Holman :

I like simple and legible business cards. Especially if you have your own exclusive logo, people always will remember your company or you.

Have a lovely week girls!

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