Have a dreamy weekend!

In addition to it being Karina's birthday today, it's also Friday! What do you have planned this weekend? Hope you all have a nice one and make the most of the last few weeks of August!

And now, some fun links for you to peruse in case you've run out of Summer Fridays and are still stuck at work.

Best wedding photos ever. I love people with a sense of humor!

The silver fox couldn't be more adorable.

My new favorite tumblr. Borderline obsessed with every photo.

This is where I want to go next summer.

I really love the Shipley & Halmos homepage.

Love this song by Fort Lean.

You know we're obsessed with braids.

Before True Blood, Anna Paquin was known for being a ten-year-old Oscar winner. I totally forgot about that.

And finally, happy birthday to my bff, Kati. Love you, doll face and can't wait to see you next weekend!


photohogger :

Awww, happy birthday Karina!
Have a great weekend!

Lynn {hearted girl} :

bahaha, the silver fox!! i had something completely different in mind but that was all out hilarious, thanks for the giggle Lisa : )

and that tumblr, totally bookmarking, beautiful things for sure. happy weekend to you all. ♥

Tereza Anton :

These links are really cool, very inspiring.

You have a really cool blog here. Do you want to follow each other, I would love that.


Lisa Michelle Cifuentes :

Thanks, Tereza! You've got a nice blog too. Now following :)

Diana Mieczan :

Aww...that dog photo is so brilliant. Totally in love:) Happy Tuesday, darling

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