Paris Hair

My friend Rachel and I are going to Paris in September for Labor Day weekend. We're so excited to tour the city together since we both have similar taste when it comes to traveling (we're not much a fan of the touristy destinations, but rather spend our time soaking in the culture and the people). Rachel sent me this hairstyle, which I think is the perfect do for a long plane ride. Seems like it'll withstand the long hours of traveling, and since we're arriving super early in the morning, hopefully it will cut our freshening up time in half so we have more time to explore the city. :)

(photo via NY Mag)


Eliza Jane :

Ooooh, I'm so jealous! I love Paris. I've been there 4 times, and I "lived" there once for 5 weeks (I was studying theatre there). You're going to LOVE it.

rachelinaustin :

Love that hairstyle! It's gorgeous! Have so much fun! <3

Katy :

That's a great style. Makes me want to grow my hair long again! Like you say, ideal for travelling.

fashionhogger :

Super cute style - seems perfect for a long flight! And would look adorable in Paris, too!

Bon Journeeeeeee!

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