Happy birthday, Karina!

Obviously, she was stylish even as as a baby.

An artistic teenager she was.

Pensive and at one with nature.

See? She loves the outdoors.

And she's a true party girl at heart.

Happy birthday, Karina! We're so lucky to have you as our lil' sis. You're almost old now (yikes!) and it's amazing to see how you've grown into such a charismatic and charming woman. You've always been wise beyond your years and have always given great advice and been a wonderful listener. You're insanely creative and talented and you never cease to amaze me with your ability to do anything and everything you want. Although not one day goes by without us arguing or bickering over something silly, you are my absolute best friend and I love you to pieces. My lil' chimichurri! Hope you have a wonderful birthday weekend. ♥


Karina Cifuentes :

I love you, seester!!!! btw, that snow photo truly showcases my crazy lady side. thank you:)

Claudia Cifuentes :

aw, i love these photos! ditto on michelle's post! happy birthday little one. and now that karina has officially been the last summer bday, i've updated our 'about' section with our new ages - eeps! viejitas! xoxo

Lynn {hearted girl} :

yah, the happy birthday wine glass rides again and this time for Karina!!! wishing you amazing moments today pretty girl, enjoy!!!

i just adore these sister tributes, you are all so blessed to have each other and be this close. it's a wonderful thing to see. xoox ♥

Claudia Cifuentes :

Aw, thank you so much Lynn! yes, we don't take our sisterhood for granted. xoxo

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