How to get beach hair

(Great bod not included :)

Okay, ladies (and any interested gents :)... I found another great hair product. Have any of you tried SachaJuan's Ocean Mist? Awhile back I posted about their Volume Powder (which I'm also obsessed with), and now this is my new product du jour. It leaves your hair wavy + tousled in the way that only a day after the beach does. I highly recommend trying it this summer! xo

P.S. For our Brooklyn peeps, you can buy their products at Woodley + Bunny.


ChinkyGirLMeL :

oooh I love beach hair but it's never really worked for me, I have super straight hair so after about an hour or two it goes back to being straight. I'm going to have to google on this product you mentioned, I hope it will help me get the beach hair I've always wanted. =)


I've heard good things about Surf Spray by Bumble and Bumble. Being a sucker for packaging, though, SachaJuan makes an irresistible little bottle!

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