Congratulations Kati + Owen!

Congratulations to our very amazing friends, Kattia and Owen! They recently got married in San Francisco in a private ceremony and it looks like it was the most beautiful day. We can't wait for them to post more photos.

On that note, it seems like everyone is getting married and engaged this summer! I love weddings and am so excited for the next one we attend in upstate NY at the end of summer. How about you readers? Are you engaged or planning to attend any weddings soon? If so, we'd love to hear how the planning is going!

Also, Refinery 29 just posted some bridesmaid dresses last week, which I thought were pretty nice. Check 'em out!

Hope you all had a great weekend! ♥


Kattia-San Francisco My Song :

awww...thank you my lovelies...I can't wait for August for yet another wedding!!! Love you 3

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