Romantic Italian Getaway

Earlier this summer, my lovely and super talented friend, Sarah went on the most amazing dream vacation to Italy. If the photos above don't make you just want to step away from your computer and go daydream out the window...

In Sarah's own words:

Walking for hours around Florence. Stayed in the most amazing apartment found on Airbnb. Siestas with the windows open and the sunlight streaming in. Beers on benches. Mini sandwiches and cappuccino for a snack. White wine for lunch. Ribollita and spaghetti vongole. Chianti with dinner. Always three courses. Parmesan in big chunks. Olives. Boar ragu. Vin Santo for dessert. Gelato on top of that. More walking. Train to Ocean, Ischia. Misty walks. Course sand. Seafood, mozzarella, pizza with arugula. More spaghetti vongole. More wine. More oceans. Please don't wake me. Arrivederci!

Dreamy sigh.

How about you, readers? Any other vacations coming up? ♥



These look amazing. I was just reading about Florence recently, too. I have some friends that have absolutely loved going and they rent a villa and spend time in the countryside just outside. These pictures make me want to go even more!

Lynn {hearted girl} :

seriously WOW! Italy is my favorite place on the planet! i've been twice and die to return. your pals pics are revving up my travel bug engines full throddle! in awe completely. ♥

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