Roasted Romanesco with Salsa Verde

A colleague just introduced me to The Kitchy Kitchen, and now I'm totally addicted! Claire Thomas is a foodie blogger and creates short format videos of her recipes. For dodos like me who struggle following recipes, seeing it played through makes it so easy to follow. The above video is one of my fave picks so far! Enjoy ♥

(Video via The Kitchy Kitchen)


Lynn {hearted girl} :

oh i love a little jivey band vibe to go along with those stellar visuals! even got some subtle comedy in there. nice one! super cute chefster too. thanks for sharing. ♥

Hilary Nicole :

That sounds/looks delicious! I am wanting to start cooking a lot more and this sounds like a great start! Have a wonderful weekend! P.S. I am your 100th follower :)

XO Hilary Nicole

Lisa Michelle Cifuentes :

Yay, Hilary!! Thanks for following us :)

have a great weekend and good luck with the cooking!

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