You gotta try this: Rosemary + Lemon Chicken

On Golden Globes night, I took on the challenge of making my very first whole chicken. I was intimidated by the idea because I've only been eating meat for a little over a year, and sometimes I struggle with making chicken, uh, not dry. But we bought a whole chicken at Trader Joes, so I finally decided to give it a go. And woah -- it was the most amazing chicken I've made (thankfully!) I went with a lemon and rosemary recipe found on Food & Wine, with just a side of roasted potatoes. And we devoured every last part of it! And the cool thing which I never knew you were suppose to do is add a cup of water to the pan so the chicken is taking a little bath :) That way you can use the juices to keep it moist with tons of flavor.
Check out my chicken...

Taken with crappy old iPhone so photo does no justice!


Sandy Caribou :

I roasted my first chicken last year, and it was one of the most thrilling exciting delicious experiences EVER. Plus the entire house smells DIVINE and there are plenty of leftovers!

Congrats, it looks divine!

Barbie // Little Skyline :

I've stayed away from roasting my own chicken for the same reason -- fear of it coming out horribly dry. Thanks for sharing the inspiration.

Was the rosemary flavor strong?

Karina Cifuentes :

Barbie, it was perfect. And definitely go bold on the rosemary and seasonings as raw chicken takes a lot to absorb flavor.

The slow pace :

I've never rosted an entire chicken... maybe it's about time! This sounds delicious so maybe I'll try... I hope no one will get hurt in the process, my oven has its own personality and sometimes it just decides not to work or work too much and burn things!!! :)

Barbie // Little Skyline :

Thanks! Good to know. Otherwise I would've been a bit conservative with the rosemary.

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