Hair envy

I am in one of those "I'm pretty bored with my hair, what should I do?" kind of phases right now. Now, I'm not sure if I really have it in me to rock grey hair like this beauty above, but I'm including it in my hair inspiration roundup because I think it's pretty fab. Read more after the jump to see the kind of style I am more likely to try out. 

So here is the deal.... I usually straighten my naturally curly hair every day and I'm growing tired of it. Not because of the work involved, which to be honest, is easier to handle and manage than having curls. But I'm just tired of having the same look I've had for the last eight years or so, which is straight and pretty flat. Now I want wavy, voluminous hair that is easy to style in the morning and won't get crazy with each passing hour. 

Do you ever go through phases like this? How do you style your hair now? And any NY readers wanna share their fave hairstylist info with me? I'd love to try someone new! 

Below are some of my inspiration photos. Tell me what you think! 

PS. It was really difficult to find hair inspiration for curly haired women. Most of what I found on Pinterest and fashion blogs were tips for how to make straight hair wavy with a curling iron. Pretty disappointing overall, until I stumbled upon the last two images, both found on Refinery 29. Way to go, Refinery!

Maggie Gyllenhaal (first) image found here.
Keri Russel image found here.
Amanda Garcia Santana image via Refinery 29.
Daniela Perdomo image via Refinery 29.


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