Products We Love: January

I often find new and interesting things, as many people do, and am so eager to share these findings with everyone I know. So I thought it would be fun to do a new series called 'products we love,' which will highlight some great finds for the month! The products will range from beauty to lifestyle, and anything else that enriches or makes life easier! So, here we go.

First up...

Ginger Chimes. Good for you and tasty too. Shop here.
I just signed up for It is awesome. If you have goals to save money this year, Mint consolidates all your bills into one place so you can get on track. Time for that trip to Tulum!
Us Cifuentes girls have been using this Armani foundation for years. We love and live by it. Pricey, yes. But a little goes a long way. You will have movie star skin. Seriously!
I had no idea what a good grater could do until it was gifted to us by Charlie's Mom. This zester makes you want to grate the heck out of everything! It's so finely grated, the pecorino will just melt over your pasta sauce. #nomnom
As part of an ongoing attempt to eat better this new year, I plan on signing up for a CSA program, which delivers veggies to your doorstep! You don't always know what you're going to get because it's seasonal, but it's a good way to eat new vegetables and support local agriculture. This Portlandia episode on CSA's kills me!

Enjoy. :) 


Miss Amy :

Thanks for the info on the foundation. I'm looking for a new one! :)

Apriljoy :

I love the idea of getting veggies delivered straight to your home, especially seasonal ones! Love the favorites!


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