Have a Dreamy Weekend!

Fridays are even better in the summer. I have been looking forward to this weekend for a pretty long time. One of my best gal pals comes into town from Rhode Island this evening and we have plenty of catching up to do. Plus, two good friends from Paris are coming on Sunday evening and I get to enjoy their company a bit before I, myself, head out of town. On Tuesday morning, I am finally headed to Miami to meet Claudia and begin shooting After the Wedding. Karina will join us a few days later. Yippee! While we're away, we'll have some lovely guest bloggers for you, but you can also keep in touch with us via our ATW blog here

In the meantime, here are a few fun links to check out this weekend. 

I wore this top on my 30th birthday! No photos, sadly, but a very fun evening indeed. (Yes, I turned 30 a few days ago. Feels like a milestone birthday and I intend to write a post soon on this topic... soon!) 

Tell time in style with swallow clocks.

Our fave trio of sisters behind Llorente Design are featured on Daily Candy. Stock up while you can! 

This one is for the New Yorkers. 3rd Ward has some awesome lectures lined up for the rest of the summer. Check them out here

Have you seen Beasts of the Southern Wild yet? If it's playing in your city, go. see. it. now. Seriously. So very good! 

How have I not been to Rosemary's Enoteca yet? 

I really need to get on the quinoa for breakfast bandwagon. Ana from BlogMilk has me drooling over her Instagram pics. 

This quote makes me feel better about my lazy social media days. 

Obviously excited to be in Miami next week working on our film, but also because it's mango season.

Hope you all have a great weekend! ♥ 

(Image via bexfactor.)


Sandy Guttman :

Happy 30th birthday!! I loved Beasts of the Southern Wild too!!

Miss Amy :

Have an amazing time in Miami and good luck with that humidity! Happy birthday girl - Hope your day was perfect. :)

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