Film: Adrift (2009)

One of my favorite things to do in New York when it's really hot and humid outside is to stay indoors, draw the curtains and blast the AC while watching a movie in my living room. Sometimes I feel guilty for not enjoying the glorious sunshine outside, but when it's over 90 degrees out and I have a good movie going, it's actually quite a luxury. 

The other day I Netflixed the Brazilian film, Adrift. Told from the point of view of Filipa, a young teenage girl, the story is about a seemingly perfect family. Happy parents, happy siblings and an incredible bond between Filipa and her father, played by Vincent Cassel. The film starts off showing Filipa enjoying a lazy summer at her parent's beach house by swimming in the ocean, flirting with boys and playing kissing games like Spin the Bottle. Everything feels perfect until her world is destroyed when she learns of her father's infidelities and she realizes her parents are not the people she thought they were.

The movie got me thinking about how as children, we tend to idolize our parents. Was there ever a moment when you realized your parents are only human and make mistakes? I can't imagine ever having that pressure as a parent. And now that I'm at an age where my friends are actually having children, the idea of raising a family and trying to be a good role model, honestly terrifies me.

But on a lighter note, I love films that can transport you to another world and with the beautiful, beachy scenery, watching this movie made me feel like I was in Brazil. Anyone up for a little vacation?

Oh, and can we talk about how dreamy Vincent Cassel is? Watch this movie tonight. I promise you will love it. ♥


Filip and Kristel :

All your pictures are great and the second one is the best.


Anonymous :

thanks for sharing.

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