Have a dreamy weekend!

TGIF! Tonight, Charlie is playing a show with KNTRLR at this really great venue in Williamsburg called Public Assembly. It will be nice to unwind and listen to some good tunes! The rest of the weekend will be spent hanging with family, then on Sunday, Mad Men is back! Claudia is having a themed party...will I be a Joan or a Betty? Follow up photos to come. :) 

How about you guys? Any Mad Men parties happening? 

Link time...

Frank O'Hara reads "Having a coke with you."

Just starting working out with the Tracy Anderson Method DVDs (it's kicking my butt.) Here is a short video of her and Gwenyth Paltrow doing some of the moves. Just in time for summer! 

Plaid benches. Would love this for a patio! 

Creativity in the work place

Love Lucy Chadwick's video? Check out more pics of her and her sister here!

Wouldn't this make a great gift for a kid?

Girl crush: Elizabeth Olsen! Love her style.

In case you missed it, we're still obsessing over this Tumblr

Free MP3 download of KNTRLR "Kursk"


Brooklyn :

Ahh - I'm so ready for friends and live music tonight! Hmm, I don't watch Mad Men...maybe I should??! Have a great weekend!

MT Days & Nights :

That photo makes me want to go to the beach!!! And I'm excited for the season of Mad Men (but no parties)!!

Wander.Lust :

oooh those benches are lovely! Since Mad Men doesn't play here in Costa Rica I will have to wait til I can watch online ;) a Mad Men party sounds so fun though!

Ramona :

Hope you had wonderful weekend and so much fun in party.
That photo makes me want more summer and holiday.

xoxo Ra

Eloquent English :

I love that photo! So fun!!! I don't watch Mad Men, but I do love the line at BR! Can't wait to see some pictures from the themed party, that sounds super fun! xoxo A-

Leah :

Can't wait to be on a beach! 5 more weeks!

Punctuation Mark :

great links... have a great week!

Ber. :

I want to start watching Mad Men very soon, now that I have time !

Vickita :

Thank you so much for your sweet comment! I'm so glad you like it :)

- Victoria

Dancing Branflake :

I love Elizabeth Olsen! She's so fresh and cute!

Kimia Kline :

woah, that is such a rad photo!

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