Have a Dreamy Weekend!

Finally Friday, hallelujah! As I mentioned earlier this week, New York has had some really nice weather lately, but today it's a little chilly again. Truth be told, I am still kind of into it. Of course I'm excited for spring, but given the mild winter we've had, I am still appreciating the cloudy skies, the excuse to drink hot toddies, and curling up in bed Netflixing a movie (this is what I can't wait to see.) I also didn't wear tights enough this winter, so I feel like I need to do that soon before it's too late.

In addition to lounging in bed watching movies this weekend, I am also working at a new job (come visit if you're in NY) and possibly finishing a paint job I started a few weeks ago. Sometimes I am more productive than I pretend to be.

How about you? What are your plans this weekend? Is it already warm where you live?

And now some fun links to peruse this weekend.

Fascinating story of a couple that stays together after one of them has a sex change.

Coffee would taste better out of these mugs (via NYT.)

Another movie I really want to see.

I am seriously considering having this in my basement living room. So cozy and perfect for naps and reading.

If you're getting ready for swimsuit season, better not look at this. Try this instead.

Funny take on how to accessorize for your protection.

I just bought these lights from Areaware, but haven't quite yet figured out how to place them. Something like this could possibly work.

Perfect shoes for spring.

Have a great weekend! ♥

(Photo via here.)


helya :

love your blog!

Lisa Michelle Cifuentes :

Aw, thanks Helya! xo.

Filip Demuinck :

The pup is cute and seems to like it.


Hogger and Co. :

OH geez..that's the cutest puppy photo.
Have a great weekend!

Miss Amy :

haha! I want a tee-pee in my basement too!! :)

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