Style Cues: Jane Birkin

With spring in full bloom, I was thinking about some style icons who exude the essence of breeziness and chicness. First to come to mind is Jane Birkin, of course! I did a little digging and found the above photos, all of which display her keen sense of style, which feels young + sexy at the same time. 

Here are a few items I thought were Birkin'esque: 

What style icons do you look to for style inspiration?


Sarah :

I think my fav photo is her with the basket. I've been dreaming of picnics lately so that one is right up my ally =)

- Sarah

Dancing Branflake :

She was the coolest girl ever! Love her!

Jes :

love that picture of her and the helmet.
xx jes

Hogger and Co. :

Whenver I don't have bangs, she always inspires me to get them!

{The Design Daredevil} Jessie D. Miller :

I'm a Bridgette Bardot girl, it's the blonde hair!

I love Jane also, check out those legs!

Karina Cifuentes :

@Jes - I know. It's so cute. She looks like a little kid in that one!

Ber. :

just love this woman, an icon forever and ever.

Danny :

This is wonderful, I love her style. I was just thinking of Jane Birkin the other day, what a natural beauty.

Thanks for visiting my blog, I love yours and have already bookmarked you!

xoxo Happy Monday!

Love Sushi and Fashion :

Love it! I am following you :) I got a giveaway at my blog and would love you to enter! <3<3

Eliza Jane :

Oooh, I don't know which style icon I go for most! It kind of changes daily depending on my mood! These are such great photos!!

Courtney Erin :

Oooh, I love this!

Courtney ~

Closet Fashionista :

She really did have such an amazing style :D

Ramona :

She always looks so effotlesly chic no matter she's waering jeans&t-shirt or some wonderful dress.

xoxo Ra

Disturbed Style :

Amazin photos! I love it :)

La Mode Operandi :

lusting leggy style!

Mimi :

these photos definitely show how much she exudes breeziness and chicness! :)

<3, Mimi
Fashion To Figure Giveaway

Ivana :

She is such an amazing style icon, always looking flawless! Thanks for sharing these images! I've just discovered your blog and I love it! I'm happy to be your new follower :)

xx Ivana
Macarons and Pearls


love the photo of her in the shorts and the trench! And loving that lace romper. xo

Leah :

Love her style. Thanks for the introduction! I think I will follow her style rules through this summer.
Thanks for your comment!

Barbie // Fringe and Feathers :

Always so chic and laid back. I haven't worn shorts in ages but I might give them a try again this summer. I always love them on other people, but not myself.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I happened to have watched After the Wedding that same day! I'll keep my eyes peeled for the Kickstarter campaign.

Love your blog. And you girls are adorable.

Shawnee :

she's so effortlessly chic! adorable blog. xoxo

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