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Do you wear hats, sweet peeps? Last night, while shopping for my Mother-in-law's bday gift, I tried on a fedora, that was next to the cash register. I think they're cute (even if they are "so last season"), but they don't really work for my heart-shaped face. But this one, above, is pretty stylish. What do you guys think about hats? Will you be sporting one this summer?

P.S. See more hats here.

(Photo via NYMag)


Dawson Sisters :

I'm debating the same thing over here, I posted on menswear hats the other week :)

I think I'm going to go for it! I'm growing my bangs out and if a hat can hide the top half of my hair, I'm all for it!!


rachelinaustin :

I think I need more hats in my life. As mentioned, "fedoras are so last season" but I'm really loving the wicker type ones for summer. xo

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