Growing Out Bangs.

I've had bangs a very long time (close to nine years!) On occassion, I've managed to grow them out (somewhat) and do the side swept look, but it's been so long since I've been able to effortlessly part my hair whichever way I want without using a pound of shaping spray. But now, I've decided to really make the commitment of growing them out. So far, it's been a little hard. My hair gets in my eyes constantly and I feel like I just never have enough bobby pins on me. But then I see inspiration photos of parted hair and girls without bangs, and I get repumped to grow them out. Hopefully in the next few weeks I can try these hairstyles. :)

Ever had a hard time growing out a hairstyle? How'd you get through it?

Me, on the right, with my bangs.


Eliza Jane :

I *wish* I could rock bangs like you do! I've had short hair for almost a decade, so my bangs have always been incorporated into that. Now, thought, my bangs have grown out, and my hair's chin length, and I like it! It was a total pain in the neck growing them out, though. I wasn't able to do so gracefully, either lol.

Hogger and Co. :

It's so hard to grow out bangs, I always feel like I'm in that state, although I only get bangs on occasion. I do like being able to tuck my hair behind my ears without having anything in my eyes but then I see bangs on someone - like YOU - who wears it so well, and want them again!

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