Do you have a bad habit?

Let's talk about bad habits. Nobody really likes to admit they have them, but we're all guilty of some form of it. 

I have a bad habit. Sometimes I start to clean at the end of a party, which makes people feel like they have to leave. But on the contrary, I'm trying to provide a clean space so people can feel comfy and relaxed! But I've been causing the exact opposite. Since I first noticed this about myself, I have made a conscious effort to leave the dishes in the sink and the broom set aside, which makes me wiggly in my seat. But parties are meant to be messy, right? 

How about you? Any nail biters or knuckle crackers? What are you doing to improve your bad habit? Let's share!

(photo via Vanity Fair)


yo-j :

me too! but i never thought it could make people think that it's time to leave. listen to this and let me know if you want to borrow the book -- i have it!

Laura Bear :

I'm a nail biter... such a waste of a good mannie! :(

Krystal :

haha i have a friend who starts cleaning after parties, it's so funny. we just don't leave :)

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