After the Wedding: Our Movie!

Hey DOPT friends! Our Kickstarter campaign for our first feature film is finally live! Please feel free to check out our video. In return for your support we'll be offering fun rewards ranging from L*Space bikinis to invitations to the Premiere! For more info you may visit: Thanks! xo


Hogger and Co. :

Congrats on the kickstart video! I love the different packages, I've been checking them out.

Claudia Cifuentes :

Awesome! Thanks for checking it out, Smita! xo

nadia :

Congrats ladies! I've also been checking them out. I look forward to following you on your journey!

xo Nadia

Brooklyn :

Huge CONGRATS to you all!

Victoria :

I love the one from NASTY GAL! <3

- Victoria

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