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Hello lovelies! It's Friday, finally. Any great plans for the weekend? I just bought myself a voucher over on Gilt City (my new obsession!) for one month of unlimited yoga at Yoga Vida. Now let me be clear here, I am definitely not a yogi. I have done it many times, but have never stuck with it consistently. My favorite workouts are definitely more cardio based, such as spinning and kickboxing. However, since I left my last job last year, with it went my discounted gym rate. So for the past year, I have to admit that I have not had any real exercise outside of walking back and forth to work everyday (give me some credit here, in total it's four miles back and forth!) But to be honest, it's definitely taken it's toll on me.

So because I was getting a great deal on Gilt City, I figured I would give yoga another shot. And I also think it's a great time to do it now because did I mention I am not drinking this month? I'm calling it Sober September and let me tell ya - nine days in and I am surprisingly doing awesome. The first weekend was the absolute worst because it was Labor Day weekend and there was a ton of stuff going on, including the fact that one of my bff's was in town from LA. But after managing to be on good behavior that weekend, it's all downhill from here. The perks of not drinking? My sleep is much better, and my wallet is feeling good. So in the spirit of cleansing, I am really excited about picking up yoga this month. Any tips for a yoga newbie?

And now, the fun Friday links you've been waiting for!

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Love this coffee table

Happy weekend, everyone! ♥


Lynn {hearted girl} :

happy weekend Cifuentes girls! Lisa, that yoga thing sounds awesome, have a blast and a half!! you sure don't have to be an expert to enjoy the experience, hello savasana pose...love you well!

one thing for me is my feet sweat like ALOT, so be sure if yours do too, then bring along some talc powder to hold those puppies down and prevent sliding right off the mat. oh the horror! ; )

i heard about Rookie mag, gonna check it out asap. ♥

Wander.Lust :

oooh great links! i love those leather totes :)

Lisa Michelle Cifuentes :

Thanks for the tip, Lynn! I went twice over the weekend and loved both classes! I am excited to continue doing it. And my feet were okay, but my hands! Thats where I was sliding all over the place. Damn sweaty palms! Your talc tip seems like a good idea, will have to try it later this week.

Hope you had a good weekend! xo.

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