Paris: Part I

Good news, guys! I made it to Paris over the weekend. :) And I'm so glad I did. I promise to share photos very soon (it's been a whirlwind upon returning) but until then, can I share that I have a newfound respect for eating cheese and bread? It's almost all I ate in Paris, and I didn't even grow tired of it. And it's best when paired with a good glass of wine.

Also, I had a chance to stop by an amazing market called Le Marche des Enfants Rouges, and the man pictured above made me the most amazing crepe I've had in my life, topped with butter and lemon zest. I could eat one right now! He reminded me of Gerard Depardieu, which almost sparked a giggle fit ala Anderson Cooper. :)
And lastly, I bought myself a pair of Bensimons (sort of like the French version of Converse), and I have been wearing them non-stop. All in all, a great trip worth being on the edge of my seat for:)

Keep a lookout for Part II!


Lynn {hearted girl} :

congrats on making it Karina!!! what a dream of a trip and man do i ever wanna grab that crepe out of his hand and scarf it down right about now. looks so good! enjoy it all. ♥

Wander.Lust :

that's so awesome you got to go! paris is so amazingggg and those cheeses look delicious. xoxo


So thrilled you got to go to Paris! Sounds like it was such a wonderful time. Love the "crepe man" pic, and looking forward to more!


Chapstick Fanatic :

i LOVE my bensimons. i bought the slip ons without the laces but i want to get a pair of laced ones as well. i can't wait to see your pictures from paris!

photohogger :

How wonderful!!!!! Love the imagery!

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