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Hello, dear readers! We are so incredibly sorry for neglecting you and our lil' ol' blog here. Somehow, right as summer ended, a ton of work got thrown our way and the three of us have been busy, busy, busy! Claudia and I are working on a very big and exciting project (a film! more details soon!) and Karina has been trotting across the globe (Paris! LA! San Francisco!)

Things are actually about to get even more crazy for us, but we don't want our work to stop us from doing what we love, and that is blogging of course. So despite our other projects, we promise you we will be back in full blogging mode starting this week! (I personally need the pressure of saying this to you because I hate to let people down! You can call it middle-child-people-pleasing syndrome.)

So all that said... how are you all doing lately? We've missed you! ♥

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How exciting!! Can't wait to hear all about it!
I've been shooting at Boston Fashion Week; so it's been busy on this end, as well...but check out the awesome fashion sometime, when you are free! xo

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