Good morning, Sunshine...

(via Aubrey Road)

(Ms. Willow finally goes to sleep)

I'm slightly sleep-deprived this morning so thought I'd say hello in my haze. This weekend Alex + I are dog sitting for some dear friends of ours. But the poor doggie, Willow, was missing her parents so much last night that she stayed up whimpering, keeping us awake. (Alex walked her at 2am to calm her nerves!) Poor thing. Luckily, she's mellowed out a bit this morning. That's her above finally snoozing. :) xo


Chapstick Fanatic :

so cute! (love the pillows by the way...)

Claudia Cifuentes :

aw thanks Chapstick. (they're covers from CB2 :). xo

Ana Degenaar :

So cute! Have a lovely recovery weekend.

Claudia Cifuentes :

Thanks Ana! Have a lovely wkend too! xo

Katie*Belle :

Aww, what a sweetie! But I know how difficult dog sitting can be. I hope you were all able to relax after a rough night : )

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