Hip Hotel: Bo Bo Hotel, Buenos Aires

My friend, Morgan, is taking off to Argentina for a month and I made her a list of some of my favorite spots. But making the list made me miss it so much! Especially the Bo Bo Hotel, in Buenos Aires, where Alex and I stayed for our honeymoon in December.

The Bobo Hotel, which stands for Bourgeois Bohemian, is a boutique hotel where every room has a theme (i.e. Argentina, Minimal, Art Deco.) We stayed in the Argentina room a few nights and in the Art Deco room towards the end. Here's me, on our beautiful balcony...

And here's Alex feasting at their restaurant downstairs... Check out the size of that steak!

And the staff was extremely warm, friendly + personal, going out of their way to find us fun things to do in the city. If you're heading south, I highly recommend staying here. I promise you, you will never want to leave. ;)

Visit: Bo Bo Hotel


Tiago :

Argentina is really well prepared for tourism. There are a lot of nice hotels that this one where you have stayed, there are many others more fancy and there is a big ofert of apartments in buenos aires for temporary rent.
And the prices are not very expensive in my opinion. They are not cheap neather, but considering the beauty of the city it is a very good option to expend your holidays.

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