Have a dreamy holiday!

I can't believe Christmas is almost here! I am so excited. Our parents flew in from Miami on Wednesday, so we're having a classic New York Christmas. Lots of yummy food, watching Christmas classics (my personal fave: Christmas Vacation, pictured above.) We also have some friends who will be joining the festivities, which I'm so thrilled about.

I plan on making three giant loaves of bread and buying yummy cheese from Murray's. Everyone is bringing a goodie, so I'm looking forward to seeing and photographing the giant spread (which will be shared!) And I really hope it snows! Although it might be unlikely. But what better way to wake up on Christmas morning than seeing a bed of snow covering the streets...sigh.. :)

How about you guys? What are your plans for the holiday? Making any delicious dishes?

Also, shout out to Charlie's family in Long Beach, who I will miss very dearly this holiday! xoxoxoxo

Have a merry holiday, all!


Barbie // Little Skyline :

We had a traditional Cuban noche buena and I made a veggie pasta bake on Christmas day. Lots of good food and relaxing all around. Hope yours was great as well. Best wishes for a wonderful 2013! xx

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