Ballet flats are the new working girl sneaker.

I recently started a new commute from downtown to uptown. And one thing I have learned is that it's probably a good idea to wear a pair of comfy shoes for the trek, otherwise, my feet are in big trouble! And from what I've noticed, I'm not the only girl with this idea. I often notice other lady commuters wearing great work outfits with ballet flats. So I started looking around, and of course, my first thought was Repetto, which I've been eyeing for years but never bought. Thankfully, we're not living in the 80's anymore when Reebok sneakers were the working girl trend. Yikes!


Leah :

I recently invested in a good quality pair of flats for work. Being on my feet all day requires looking good without killing my feet! Love them.

The slow pace :

Pretty ballerinas is a great brand too! I love wearing ballerinas but the North of Germany is waaaaay to cold for them :-(

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