Toasty Tights

Hello, November 1st! Now that the toasty weather is officially here, I'm ready to bring the tights out from my winter storage. (I have a tiny NY closet so under-the-bed storage is my best friend. :)

And maybe invest in some fun, new ones. What do you think of these? I especially love the Cabled socks. Cozy with a bit of flirty. ;)

Are you wearing tights yet? Do you stick to the basic black or would you wear something like these?

P.S. Fun Fall tights slideshow.


navy and orange :

LOVE the purple ones!

xoxo navy & orange


can't believe it is Nov already! These are the cabled socks! xo

Filip Demuinck :

Talking about diffrent styles.


Katie*Belle :

Oooh, I love tights. They're actually one of my favorite things about autumn!

Claudia Cifuentes :

Frankie Heart, I know! It goes by so quickly. I am going to try to drink as many pumpkin spice lattes this year as a I can. :)

Rebekka Seale :

I have to get those cabled socks...they are perfect!!!

Miss Amy :

It cooled way down to 80 degrees here in Arizona!! haha! So, I broke out the Betsy Johnson cashmere tights and boots! I work indoors most of the day, so the AC kept me feeling plenty cool, actually. I love tights! I can't wait until it really cools down here so I can wear them everyday with cute dresses. Love all the tights you found online!

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