Are You A Phone Person?

When I was a teenager, I was constantly on the phone with my girlfriends (much to my mom's chagrin). But now that I'm older, and with the easiness (and truthfully, laziness) of texting, I very rarely have phone conversations with anyone. But I do think there is a craft to having a good phone conversation. I think it also provides a closeness that texting and different forms of social media can't offer. 

How about you guys? Do you keep it old school and make phone calls over texting? 


Eliza Jane :

I was a phone person when I was growing up, for sure. But in the past ten years I've started to chose texting over phoning. If it's one of my best friends, or someone I haven't' seen in a long time, then a phone conversation is always good. But generally, I hate the phone. I find that I get awkward on it - especially answering machines! - and I'll even go as far as to screen my calls and call people back when I feel good to talk on the phone! Lol

nadia :

Growing up I definitely was, but not so much these days. I think the only person I really have true phone conversation with is my mom.
I think it's because I worked in a call centre for many years. Nothing puts you off using the phone more than that! lol

xo Nadia

Miss Amy :

I wasn't a phone person until I started dating my current boyfriend. He started his own law firm, and for me to actually catch him on text is never going to happen. He's just too busy. So, when I talk to him on the phone, I really appreciate it, because I know he's super swamped. Now, I don't mind talking on the phone because we always have something to talk about! We're not updating each other all day long with little texts!


Good question. I am so not a phone person. I am 100% a face-to-face talker. I don't even text. I do agree, though, that conversation is nothing less than an art. My problem, is with the phone I can't read expressions/reactions, unless I am talking with a very close friend. Texting? I never text. Great subject!

Karina Cifuentes :

Eliza, I don't leave messages either! As soon as I hear an answering machine, I go catatonic.

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