DOPT Recommends: Tracy Anderson Method!

 Ok, guys! Summer is literally around the corner! If you're anything like me, you've been on a slow road to getting into shape. I have gradually stepped up the cardio with running, but now, I'm calling for backup. I recently started doing the Tracy Anderson Method DVD's post-run -- and it will rock your bod! For those who don't know, TA is a celebrity trainer who works with ladies like Gwyneth Paltrow almost religiously, and many other fit celebs. And we've all seen Gwynny's killer legs! So this AM, Lisa and I decided to team up and do the workout together, which made it way more fun! It was challenging and exhilarating because she doesn't focus on continuous reps, but instead, makes it unpredictable so you never lose interest or get bored, which can make you plateau. And once you get familiar with the workout, you can make your own playlist which is what I do. Whatever gets you moving!

Tomorrow, Lisa and I are going to try Zumba! I will give you a personal review on that too. And be sure to check out both these vids -- it will get you motivated. :)

Coconut Shaved Ice with Strawberry + Basil Syrup

 I just came across this delicious looking drink recipe on Claire Thomas' blog, The Kitchy Kitchen. I cannot wait to make this for a summer BBQ! And if you want to alter the recipe for grownups, you can add a little pop with a smidge of vodka.

So refreshing!

Eyeing these White Bensimons!

I have a pair of tan Bensimons I bought in Paris last year, which are amazingly comfortable. So much so, I wear them all the time. And living in NY, your shoes tend to get a good workout. So I'm due for a new pair and have been eyeing these white ones! I can definitely see them going with a beach outfit and summer tan. 

What's your go-to summer shoe?

Have a dreamy weekend!

When my sisters and I first embarked on this "After the Wedding" Kickstarter journey, we had no idea how many highs and lows we would experience. But we watched others campaign their projects with successful outcomes, so we felt the groundwork was already being laid down for us and we had to take advantage of it.

We kicked off our campaign…and our hearts started to pound. We watched our emails intently, wondering if we what we were doing would work. We each took turns talking the other one out of a hysterical "What if we don't make it?" fit to which the other would reply "We're going to make it. Now snap out of it!" I'll admit, there were times when I felt uncomfortable asking people to support "my passion," when I have done little to support theirs. And then there's the money thing -- asking people for it, which in our household growing up was a "no no." But then, something amazing happened… the support started to trickle in and at that point, there was no looking back since people were now rooting for us.

We have been overwhelmed with friends + family, and even people whom we've never met, who feel the same passion as we do to make this little indie become a reality. In a lot of ways, this has become something bigger than us. Its taken on so many dimensions and now a large part of what we're doing is trying to show others that anything is possible. All you need is pure imagination. :) If you don't act on a dream, then you'll never know what you're capable of doing. And ultimately, our goal is not just to make "After the Wedding" but to open the doors for other independent filmmakers and all types of businesses, to feel they are not at the mercy of big studios and financial institutions to make their ambitions come true.

We're biting our nails as we have only 8 hours to go before our Kickstarter campaign is over and still have a hefty amount to raise. Some people would probably think we would have given up by now. But I can assure you, we have every ounce of optimism streaming from our fingertips as we send out our final requests for support. The truth is, it doesn't take much to support this project at all -- it's a minimum of a $1 to pledge. And if you're anything like me, I've wasted way more on meaningless things that don't have the longevity of an investment like this one.

 As we band together in these last hours of our campaign, we'd love to know more about you! What are your ambitions? Would you ever do a Kickstarter? Even if they're small in comparison, if it means something to you, then you deserve all the support people can offer. This is what we believe is building a strong community!

 Have a dreamy weekend! ♥

Go Get It Events

A romantic proposal...
Jenifour's Go Get It team...
Sweet proposal...
 Our campaign is coming to a close, and we need you, dear readers, to get in our corner. :) As some of you may know, we're making a movie! It's called "After the Wedding" and it's a super sexy dramedy about a guy named Diego, who's a newlywed, and goes down to Miami to work on his novel. But when he get's there, he meets a sexy bartender named "Vanessa." Their relationship enters into all sorts of grey areas, and Diego and his wife "Mariana" are left to examine the true state of their young marriage. Oh, and there will be cool music, just watch the trailer to see what it could look like if we reach our goal. :)

As part of our ongoing series of inspiration from "After the Wedding," we're thrilled to share our dear friend Jenifour Jones super cool company, Go Get It Events, which is part of our pledge packages on Kickstarter.

Go Get It Events does everything from elaborate wedding proposals, both big and small, to all types of fun ways to celebrate special life events, including personalized songs written for your loved ones. :)

We sat down (and by sat down we mean emailed) with Jenifour and got the scoop on Go Get It Events! Along with some charming photos from her planned marriage proposals. So sweet!

Miriam & Otto Cifuentes: Our Secrets to a Happy Marriage

For our FINAL interview as part of our "Secrets to a Happy Marriage" series, we are THRILLED to share with you our parents' secrets. They've been married 37 years, and still act like teenagers in love!

Watch this video to hear about their love recipe.

We'd also like to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved in this series, and who shared their beautiful story with us: Katie & Owen, Brooke & Forrest, Carlos & Chiara, Rachel & Darren, Clo & Emerson, and finally... Miriam & Otto, our parents.

And if you've enjoyed our campaign for our feature film, "After the Wedding," then please consider making a pledge this week. We only have a few days left, and it's all or nothing! Also, it's not about the amount. It's about showing support of other female artists. We really are in this together! And in exchange for your support we've got some really wonderful rewards. Thank you so much, lovely readers! You may learn more at:

Clo & Emerson: "Our Secrets to a Happy Marriage"

As our series continues, I'm excited to share my boyfriend Charlie's grandparents, Clo and Emerson!  I first met them on a trip to Cape Cod for Clo's birthday. They were so inviting and warm. I immediately felt comfortable in their presence. They are what every married couple aspires to be. :) And on June 16th, they will be celebrating their 61st wedding anniversary! Wow! So without further ado, here are their "secrets to a happy marriage."

And for those who don't know, this series was inspired by our film "After the Wedding," which is currently on the crowd funding site Kickstarter. We only have 8 days to go in order to reach our goal and we're lucky enough to have a donor who will be matching us through Sunday! Which means if you donate a $1, we get $2!

Rachel + Darren: "Our Secrets to a Happy Marriage"

As we continue to fundraise for our film, After the Wedding, we're very excited to feature our fourth couple today as part of our 'Secrets to a Happy Marriage" series. We met Rachel and Darren several years ago and they are, by far, one of the most fun couples we know. Read on to hear what they have to say about happy relationships. 

Calling all Bloggers on Twitter!

Hi friends! We're on the last two weeks of our campaign for our film "After the Wedding," and could really use your help.

For those on Twitter, could you help us get #ATWFilm trending this week? Visit this post for full details. You may also follow us at:

We would be extremely grateful of your support! Thank you so much!

Our "After the Wedding" Film Trailer!

Words cannot express how excited we are to share our trailer for our film, "After the Wedding." Maybe ecstatic hand gestures would suffice, but you'll have to trust us!

But remember, this is just our trailer. In order for us to make "After the Wedding" a reality, we need to reach our fundraising goal on Kickstarter - only 15 days to go...will you help get us there?

And for our fellow bloggers who want to re-share our trailer and film, feel free to embed to your blog and share our Love Badge!

The Cifuentes Sisters

Lady Directors

Director Sofia Coppola, fave films: Lost in TranslationSomewhereThe Virgin Suicides 

Gia Coppola (Sofia's niece who is almost identical!), making her claim to fame in fashion and music...          
Director Kathryn Bigelow, fave films: The Hurtlocker, Point Break

               Director Zoe Cassavetes, (daughter of John Cassavetes), fave film: Broken English 

Director Floria Sigismondi. One of the best music video directors of all time...

Director Julie Delpy, fave film: 2 Days in Paris, 2 Days in New York

       And of course, Lena Dunham, faves: Tiny Furniture (Netflix asap!), and her HBO series, Girls

As we're in the midst of raising funds for our film "After the Wedding," which Claudia will be directing this summer in Miami Beach, I've become way more aware than usual of female directors in the film industry. I already have a few favorites (including my big sis, of course:) so I wanted to share some love for the lady directors who inspire us!

Do you have any fave female directors? Would love to know!

Carlos & Chiara: "Our Secrets to a Happy Marriage"

We're so excited to feature our third couple, Carlos and Chiara, for our special marriage series, "Secrets to a Happy Marriage!" This series is in honor of our film After the Wedding, a dramedy about the first year of marriage. If you haven't already, please check out our Kickstarter campaign and show your support. If you like these posts, we think you'll enjoy our film.

And now without further ado, Carlos and Chiara's incredibly sweet story! It'll make you bubbly inside. :)

Sexy Swimwear for a Dreamy Summer

As one of our incentive packages for our film, we are offering swimwear from L*Space. 

I just love how feminine the cuts of the bathing suits are. Enough coverage, but still has that edge of beachy sexiness. It reminds me of swimwear Sophia Loren might have worn in her twenties! I covet this one pictured. It'd go perfectly with some messy beach tresses. :)

And don't forget, if you make a pledge to our film, you can support a great film and look hot at the same time. :)

(photos via L*Space)
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