Last night's Oscars

Natalie Portman

Michelle Williams

Javier Bardem + Penelope Cruz

Jennifer Hudson

Scarlett Johansson

Gwyneth Paltrow

Mila Kunis

I watched the Oscars last night with my husband, Alex, while gorging on a cheese + prosciutto plate (is there any other way?), but had to place a friendly bet with him to keep his attention from waning. (Obvz, I won :)

I thought all the ladies looked lovely, but my jaw really dropped when I saw Jennifer Hudson's new bod - wow! Don't you think she looked great? You can see the full slide show here.

Did you watch? What were some of your favorite looks? Happy Monday xoxo

Have a Dreamy Weekend!

How I'm getting pumped for spring (clockwise from top-left): Peonies, the official spring time flower that will adorn my home; ASOS Nude Round Retro Sunglasses; Borrowing Lisa's Diana F+ Camera for trips to Coney Island; Listening to Cee Lo's new album during my resolution to run outside; Parker Scarf that doubles as a purse for trips to the Farmers Market; Rivieras Leisure shoes, cause they're awesome; center: Galaxy dress for some outdoor concerts.

For the past few weeks, New Yorkers have been occasionally teased with days of spring weather only to be followed by days of dreaded snow and rain (not cool, Mother Nature.) But on the those rare days, I get totally besides myself and go nuts online shopping for springy outfits. I think my weekend will include rummaging through my closet and cherry picking what's gotta go to bring in the new!

Link time!

Mark your calendar! The Novogratz family is back on April 5th.

Cute video by the High Highs. Will make you ♥ NY.

Wanted: crystal stud earrings.

Root vegetable carpaccio. Delish.

Thom Yorke dancing to Beyonce's Single Ladies (Lisa and I thought this was real!)

Off to Miami next month. Love this VPL swimwear line!

I need a pantsuit.

Have a dreamy weekend! xx

50 Most Stylish New Yorkers

Jen Kao, Fashion Designer
Bonnie Morrison, Fashion Publicist
Pamela Love, Jewelry Designer
Phoebe + Annette Stephens, Jewelry Designers, Anndra Neen

Just stumbled upon this series of 50 Most Stylish New Yorkers, shot by Stefani Pappas over on Style Caster. These photos remind me of how much I love this city.

Cold Treats for Cold Weather

Yes, I know it is still unbearably cold here in New York, but sometimes this weather makes me really crave ice cream. Is that crazy? Maybe... but I swear once you try this amazing Talenti Gelato I just discovered, you will want it year round. I was introduced to this yummy delicacy by my friend, Kim who swore it was her new favorite food. So when I was at Whole Foods getting groceries last night and saw it on display, I decided to pick some up (I tried the Caribbean Coconut flavor.) And I swear to you, after having it for dessert last night, I am almost tempted to enjoy it this morning for breakfast. Almost. (You wouldn't judge me, would you?)

(Photos via Notcot.)

Underwater Hotel

What a cool hotel idea. The underwater restaurant Ithaa, in the Maldives, decided to celebrate their 5th anniversary by temporarily converting their space into luxury hotel suites. Would you sleep here? :)

(Via Lace & Tea)

The Real Housewives of Miami

Finally! Airs tonight. The girls + I are shamelessly excited. Will you watch?

Vegetarian Winter Melon Soup

Over the harsh winter, I've pretty much managed to escape the seasonal flu except for the occasional sniffle here and there. But yesterday, my luck sadly changed. The achy feeling, back to back sneezing, and puffy eyes took hold of me. But after overdosing on sleepy time meds, I woke up feeling much better and craving homemade soup like this Winter Melon Soup found on The Kitchn. Maybe feeling under the weather is just a good excuse to make this tasty treat. :)

What are some of your fave home remedies?

(Photos via The Kitchn)

Have a Dreamy Weekend!

Three-day weekends are the best and I am so glad we have one starting today. Do you guys have any plans for President's Day? I am going to The Catskills tonight where a bunch of my friends have rented a house. There'll be a hot tub, sauna, pool table, ping pong, and of course, skiing. I have to admit though, I have never skied before! I think I might give it a try this weekend, so really looking forward to that. How about you readers? Any big skiers out there and if so, any tips for a newbie?

And now some fun links from this week:

Underground supper clubs going upscale.

2011's most innovative companies.

New music from Radiohead.

This movie looks really funny.

Awesome makeup tutorials.

Highlights from the Stockholm Design Fair.

Party pics from NYFW.

Cutest photo ever.

Love this dress.

Have a great weekend! ♥

(Photos above were taken on my last winter Catskills trip with Owen and Kattia from San Francisco My Song. More pics here.)

Miami Escapade

Hey sweet peeps! As promised on Monday, here are some of our Miami photos, in case you'd like to see. :)

The sisters + I grew up partially in Miami (the other part in New York), so the city has a special place in our hearts. Since we left about ten years ago, Miami has become a mecca for art, food + design so we love going back and discovering all the new places.

Don't be fooled by this photo. I'm actually afraid of heights so no, I'm not a standing on a precipice!

It's this ginormous window, that I love. This is actually my husband Alex's parents apartment that we were lucky enough to stay in on our own. It's right on the beach so we really got to live it up.

Our morning view. Yes, please!

Alex + the easy life.

Me, enjoying a beer. It was actually a bit chilly this day, but to me 60 degrees in Miami Beach beats New York 14 degrees any day.

Alex + more easy living.

Alex + I before our night out on the town. It's our self-timer photo which is why it came out a bit wonky. Don't you love those 10 seconds of running before the photo flashes?

Miami at night.

Alex + I enjoying one of many nights of eating and drinking. Just some of the places we went to that I highly recommend: Joe's Stone Crab for their famous Jumbo Crab Claws, Meat Market on Lincoln Road for the most amazing steakhouse experience. And finally, one of my new Miami favorites -- Sra. Martinez, to experience Michelle Bernstein's brilliance in the form of Spanish tapas.

After dining, we met up with friends at this Vitamin C party.

Food trucks have become insanely popular in Miami.

Me catching up with my high school bud, Mariana.

And finally, a trip to Miami wouldn't be complete without seeing some ravers do their thing at Grand Central.

What about you friends? Have any of you been to Miami? What are some of your favorite restaurants + places to visit? Any recommendations for the next visit? Karina is going next month so we'd love to hear your suggestions! xo

4-Pins Twisted Beehive

For as long as I can remember, I have tirelessly attempted a Mad Men inspired beehive with very little success. I tease, I hairspray, I pin, but my hair usually falls flat within the hour. That was until I saw this 4-Pins video with a step-by-step guide of the desired do. Charlie's Mom, Liz, is the creator behind 4-pins, which features webisode tutorials of different hairstyles using only 4 bobby pins! How cool is that? It's my turn to go to Miami next month - I may have to try the Twisted Beehive for a night out on the town! ♥

Swoon Worthy Art by Ernesto Caivano

I definitely have a pattern with the art I like and this image above, by Ernesto Caivano, feels like I practically commissioned it. I could stare at this image for hours. The splotches of ink remind me of teardrops, only very colorful. I love it. I want to live in it. If only that were possible! Caivano's other work is equally as impressive.

How about you, mis amores? Do you have any favorite artwork that you just want to live in?

("Through the Arboreal Membrane" by Ernesto Caivano via Another Mag.)

Heart-Shaped Strawberry + Rosemary Scones

Happy Valentines, sweet peeps! How was everyone's weekend? My husband Alex + I got back from Miami yesterday. I hope to share some beach photos with you this afternoon.

In the meantime, don't these heart-shaped strawberry + rosemary scones look yummy? I watched Giada make them on my Jetblue flight yesterday, and am adding them to my baking wish list. :) You can watch the how-to video here. Have a lovely morning! xo

(Photo via Honey Dearest)

Have a Dreamy Weekend!

(Photo via Mellow Fever)

Friday is officially here! What are you plans for the weekend? It is still super chilly here in NY, so I might have to cozy up indoors and finish my marathon of The Office. But for those of you looking forward to Monday, better known as Valentines Day, Ban.Do is the perfect accessories collection to get you feeling fun + girly for your special occasion, even if its having a girls night! Oh, and you can see the super cute behind-the-scenes footage here.

And a few links to get you through this Friday!

My new favorite sculpture artist, Anna Wili Highfield.

Fashion Weeks coolest invites.

The creepiest and funniest V-Day cards.

And V-Day ring cupcakes. I want!

For the man in your life, Cavalier Essentials.

Girl Crush Mila Kunis in W Magazine.

Eggplant dress: wow!

Have a dreamy weekend! ♥

Dinosaur Bracelet

(Photo via Pixie Market)

It might have something to do with my recent trip to the museum, but I'm totally digging this dinosaur bracelet. It's the type of jewelry piece that sparks inquiry, such as "where did you get that ring?" to which you have the choice to respond with an elaborate story about a trip to Egypt during your days as an Archeologist. Or, you can say you bought it at Pixie Market. Your call. :)

Pile O' Books

(Photos via Emmas Design Blog and The Selby)

I was thinking of creative ways to display my books since my current bookshelf has completely maxed out space. I saw these design inspiration photos with books and magazines on the floor and thought it was such a cool and unique idea, if done right. I currently have this on my window sill, but it does not look very organized (FYI: don't adorn this look with junk mail and bills!) The key is to use varying sizes and display them like a pyramid or have them all lined up perfectly, with the title facing outwards.

What do you think of this design look? Have any of your own book decorating suggestions? xo.

Love Lockets

Speaking of love, how sweet are these Parisian lockets? You could display a photo of you + your sweetheart or your pet Maltese. :)
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