Living room inspiration.

I've been toying with the idea of revamping our living room. It hasn't changed much in the past few months, since I've been so occupied with other projects. But I've been collecting some inspiration photos in the case I decide to take on a makeover in the fall. Have you guys ever undertaken a room makeover? 

What's your shade?

Finally, after years of experimentation, I think I finally have the lipstick shade that works for my complexion. I've settled on the coral family of lipsticks and so far it seems to be the best fit for my olive skin tone. After doing a little digging, here is what I found: if you have fair skin, you can go for nude colors or rich reds. If you have yellow in your skin, blue-based reds will look great on you. If you're skin has pink undertones, you can try peach tones or colors in the orange family. And for dark skin, bright reds and hot pinks will look great on you (lucky!) 

What's your shade? Do you have one go-to color that you use religiously? My pick is J.Crew's Poppy King

Here's a helpful article for a little extra guidance. :) 

Stems. The Prettiest Laptop Stand We've Ever Seen.

Stems. I love the name of this elegant laptop stand. Designed by my friend, Victoria Valencia, these little beauties come in walnut or ash, and are perfect for giving you better posture and your laptop a little air circulation. Also perfect for traveling. I can't wait to bust these out while in Miami next month shooting our film. Such a subtle way to add a touch of style to your work environment.

If you like the Stems, check out Vic's custom furniture here. I'm in love with every piece! ♥


I love a good weekend bike ride. There's nothing better than waking up early and just going. It's seriously the best way to discover new areas you never knew even existed. The kinds of places you wouldn't train it to, let alone cab (for us New Yorkers:) But anytime I want to buy anything on the adventurous road, I can't! I forget I don't have a bike rack and never wear anything large enough to carry stuff in. But I was thinking of putting a wine crate on the back of my bike, and after a little Googling, I found this great DIY article that I'm going to try this weekend. Fingers crossed!

Do you guys bike ride? What do you use for long rides? Any tips appreciated!

Have a dreamy weekend!

Please excuse our recent absence! We are in pre-production for After the Wedding, which is super exciting! But has left us with little posting time. But alas, Friday is here! It's sort of gloomy here in New York. How is it in your neck of the woods? If the rain continues here, perhaps we'll keep it low-key. The Cheap Eats issue of NYMag just came out and I'm dying to try some of their recommendations, including this place

Also, are you guys going to watch the summer Olympics ceremony? The pictured photo got me excited to watch the divers!

And now onto links...

How to make great granola every time. Gotta try this! 

Interesting. GenX jaded by Global Warming. Do you agree?

How to successfully brand your blog via Blog Milk

Zaha Hadid speedboat. So cool!

I want this to be my next vacation. Has anyone been?

Ice cream made with liquid nitrogen. What da what!? 

10 ways to dress up a ponytail. Love this.

Our friends at Llorente Design have the cutest stationary! I want it all.

Anyone watch Mr. Wizard growing up? This video will make you laugh out loud.

The Woman issue of The Wild is out. Kudos, Gio!

Have a dreamy weekend ♥

(photo via Nouvelle/Nouveau. Artist unknown)

Beach sweater

How cute is this anchor sweater? I think it would be perfect for a chilly beach night...great for cozying up next to a bon fire whilst eating s'meaches. :) Here's a less pricey option too.

The Masters Behind MCM

George Nelson, Edward Wormley, Eero Saarinen, Harry Bertoia, Charles Eames and Jens Risom. Image via Playboy Magazine, 1961. 

Mid-century modern design. Love it or hate it, it's hard to ignore the resurgence of the movement over the last few years, especially with shows like Mad Men, and websites like Pinterest, which offers hours worth of MCM eye candy. So when I signed up to take my first class at 3rd Ward, Intro to the History of Modern Furniture, I was pretty excited to learn about Mid-Century Modern to put it all in context. Continue below to read a few exciting tidbits I learned in class.

How to: grow an avocado tree

I have a slight obsession with avocados. If I always had them on hand, I'd put them on everything. Our friend Melissa just shared this helpful + easy "how to" and I just had to re-post. Oh, the possibilities...

How to grow an avocado tree from an avocado pit. Genius

(photo via The Issue)

Happy Birthday to our big sis!

Happy Birthday to our big sister, Claudia! We can't wait to spend some non-stop sister time together in Miami, shooting "After the Wedding!" We love you! xoxoxo

Fourth of July food + drink guide

Alongside Thanksgiving, my belief is that the Fourth of July goes down as one of the great eating holidays in the U.S. It's an Americana homage to classics like hot dogs and burgers, perhaps even cole slaw -- perfect example would be the Coney Island Nathan's hot dog eating contest

So if you have any plans to bask in the joyous art of celebrating our nation by eating + drinking more than you should, then here are a few recommendations to have your guests oohing and awing pre-fireworks. :)

Fourth of July survival guide

Sharing Fourth of July plans with friends, there seems to be a consensus that a beach day is in order, with a barbeque to follow, of course. :) So in order to prepare you for what I imagine to be a boozy and party-filled long day, here are some essentials to get you through it with ease!

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