Roasted Romanesco with Salsa Verde

A colleague just introduced me to The Kitchy Kitchen, and now I'm totally addicted! Claire Thomas is a foodie blogger and creates short format videos of her recipes. For dodos like me who struggle following recipes, seeing it played through makes it so easy to follow. The above video is one of my fave picks so far! Enjoy ♥

(Video via The Kitchy Kitchen)

How to hang your art

Loving the tips by Jeffery Teuton, Director at Jen Bekman gallery, on how to hang your art, salon style. Read the full tips here. xo

Romantic Italian Getaway

Earlier this summer, my lovely and super talented friend, Sarah went on the most amazing dream vacation to Italy. If the photos above don't make you just want to step away from your computer and go daydream out the window...

In Sarah's own words:

Walking for hours around Florence. Stayed in the most amazing apartment found on Airbnb. Siestas with the windows open and the sunlight streaming in. Beers on benches. Mini sandwiches and cappuccino for a snack. White wine for lunch. Ribollita and spaghetti vongole. Chianti with dinner. Always three courses. Parmesan in big chunks. Olives. Boar ragu. Vin Santo for dessert. Gelato on top of that. More walking. Train to Ocean, Ischia. Misty walks. Course sand. Seafood, mozzarella, pizza with arugula. More spaghetti vongole. More wine. More oceans. Please don't wake me. Arrivederci!

Dreamy sigh.

How about you, readers? Any other vacations coming up? ♥



My sisters and I grew up loving this quotable movie ("Melaina, gross!") and watching it repeatedly. Have you guys seen it? If not, add it to your list! The film is about four young girlfriends in the summer of 1963, who have a weekend of fun in Myrtle Beach before their friend Carson (played by Phoebe Cates) gets married to her boyfriend. It has great music, dancing (which they refer to as Shagging), and amazing outfits!

Chilly Beach Style

So this might be the wrong day to post this (still in the 90's in NY!), but I couldn't resist this outfit. Love the cuffed jeans and scarf. I'll keep this inspiration in my back pocket for a chilly camping trip upstate. ;)

(photo via Tiny White Daisies)

Lunch Spot: Chilled Cucumber Soup

Today we're reaching a high of 92 degrees here in NYC! Wouldn't this chilled cucumber soup be refreshing for lunch?

(Photo via Food Network)

Film: The Myth of the American Sleepover (2010)

Just saw this movie last night at a special sneak peak showing at the MOMA. Beyond knowing that it had a cute title, The Myth of the American Sleepover, I didn't really know anything about it. So I wasn't expecting much, but within minutes of the film's opening, I was completely drawn in. And for the next ninety minutes, I found myself laughing throughout it and feeling completely nostalgic.

The Myth of the American Sleepover comes from first time director, David Robert Mitchell, and his producing partner, Adele Romanski. The duo managed to create cinematic magic on a very limited budget and if you're a fan of John Hughes and Cameron Crowe, I think you need to see this movie asap! The characters remind me of everyone I knew in high school, myself way back when, and an innocent era tinted with self discovery, rebellion and adventure. It's filled with intimate moments, lots of awkward tension and a giddy hopefulness that anything is possible.

The film opens this Friday, July 22nd in select cities. Watch the trailer here and check here for showtimes.

Congratulations Kati + Owen!

Congratulations to our very amazing friends, Kattia and Owen! They recently got married in San Francisco in a private ceremony and it looks like it was the most beautiful day. We can't wait for them to post more photos.

On that note, it seems like everyone is getting married and engaged this summer! I love weddings and am so excited for the next one we attend in upstate NY at the end of summer. How about you readers? Are you engaged or planning to attend any weddings soon? If so, we'd love to hear how the planning is going!

Also, Refinery 29 just posted some bridesmaid dresses last week, which I thought were pretty nice. Check 'em out!

Hope you all had a great weekend! ♥

Pretty Tat.

I only have one tattoo, an outline of a heart which is a heartfelt remnant of a bachlorette weekend with girlfriends (who all got the same shape). But if I ever decide to get a second, this is a lovely and nice reminder to be fearless. Love the typeface too. ♥

(photo via Visualize)

One day...

Upon my return from a dreamy weekend escape to Cape Cod, I thought to myself how cool it would be to spend an entire summer somewhere remote where I can write all day and read a ton of classics I've promised myself I would read but, eh, don't (I'm a slow and thorough reader!)

Do you guys have any similar dreams, perhaps even taking up a hobby?

(photo via Pinterest)

Just saying hi...

Hey friends. We'll be back to our usual weekly posting soon. Things have just been a bit hectic for us, DOPT sisters. New jobs, moving, friend's weddings, etc... so much for a lazy summer! How's your summer going? Hopefully relaxing + outdoorsy! xo

P.S. I wish I was on that hammock right now. :)

(Via pinterest)

How to get beach hair

(Great bod not included :)

Okay, ladies (and any interested gents :)... I found another great hair product. Have any of you tried SachaJuan's Ocean Mist? Awhile back I posted about their Volume Powder (which I'm also obsessed with), and now this is my new product du jour. It leaves your hair wavy + tousled in the way that only a day after the beach does. I highly recommend trying it this summer! xo

P.S. For our Brooklyn peeps, you can buy their products at Woodley + Bunny.

Happy Birthday, Seester!

Living it up in Miami...
Sister love.
Obviously not the first time we've showed up to a family function with matching outfits.
And then you met Alex! Who can totally keep up with your humor, so we were ecstatic:)
Your wedding day was so surreal + amazing:)
Happy birthday, seester! What can I say? You have been so much more than a designated big sis, but also my best friend in the world (you too, Lisa. :)) I feel like whatever words I write will just not do you enough justice because you are so amazing! You're funny, gorgeous, creative, extremely smart and one of the most motivated people I have ever met. Thank you for always being there for me, last minute middle school science projects and all. And for taking me in when I first moved to NY and introducing me to fried ice cream. Without you, there is no way I would have survived this crazy town! We love you SO much, big sis. :) Happy birthday!
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