Film: My Week with Marilyn

Oh! It's finally here. After so much anticipation, My Week with Marilyn, is finally in New York theaters. The film stars Michelle Williams as Marilyn Monroe. At first I was iffy about her playing the role (really, who could?) but after seeing the trailer, I'm convinced that the film is definitely worth seeing.

Adding a Little Fancy to Your Life

Ever have those days where you just wanna make everything a little bit fancier, a bit more indulgent? Maybe like Sunday breakfast in bed, or a homemade gourmet meal on a weeknight? Well, when you do, you know it's really all about the little things that matter, the fine details. So the next time you're feeling up for it, go ahead and pull those daisies from your (neighbor's) yard for a fun table centerpiece! Use butter instead of olive oil for tastier and creamier eggs! Spruce up your standard toast with a dollop of honey and cinnamon. And the most awesome thing you can do? Take your coffee up a notch and make... latte art!

Now, if you have gone to any independent coffee shop in the last few years or so, you know that latte art isn't new, but it certainly always brings a smile to my face. So imagine making your own latte art at home. I think with the holidays right around the corner, this is the perfect time to get practicing, so that when you go home and see family, you can impress them with your artistically designed post-dinner caffeine jolt. It's so fancy!

Check out Krups' guide to latte art below. And trust me, practice makes perfect!

The Pedro Almódovar Archives

My first Pedro Almódovar film was Woman on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown, which is I saw in my tenth grade Spanish class. I remember being blown away by the story, the characters, and the dialogue, which was nothing like I had ever seen before. Since then, I have continued to be mesmerized by everything else Almodovar does and now, I'm excited to see that Taschen is releasing probably the coolest book ever in their collection: The Pedro Almódovar Archives. Now you know this is gonna be good! 

With over 600 images, many of which were previously unpublished and some that Almódovar took himself while filming, plus introductions to the films by prominent Spanish authors, this book is a must have for cinephiles. And with that gorgeous binding and cover, can't you just imagine it finding a new home right on your coffee table? Adding it to my Christmas wish list. 

PS: have any of you seen The Skin I Live In yet? I am seeing it this weekend at my new favorite theater, Nitehawk. They serve food and drinks while you watch the movies and their menu is created based on the films they screen. So for example, when I go to this new Almódovar film on Saturday, I plan on having sangria and paella con chicharrone. How cool is that?! 

Are You A Phone Person?

When I was a teenager, I was constantly on the phone with my girlfriends (much to my mom's chagrin). But now that I'm older, and with the easiness (and truthfully, laziness) of texting, I very rarely have phone conversations with anyone. But I do think there is a craft to having a good phone conversation. I think it also provides a closeness that texting and different forms of social media can't offer. 

How about you guys? Do you keep it old school and make phone calls over texting? 

Seasonal Fruits + Veggies

2012 Seasonal Fruits Calendar
Limited Edition Seasonal Vegetable Series - Autumn Cabbage
Limited Edition Seasonal Fuit Series - Autumn Fig
Watermelon table placemats and napkins
A few years ago, I had the pleasure of working with a very lovely and talented graphic designer, Sofia Whiddon. She has since launched her own line on Etsy and her work is so beautiful that I wanted to share it with you today. Her line, Sia Designs, is inspired by Batik textiles but instead of the dark brown, indigo and white color schemes, Sofia uses non-traditional bright and vibrant colors.  

I, for one, am dying to get my hands on that calendar! Each month features a different seasonal fruit and I think it would look fab hanging over my stovetop. And with the holidays right around the corner, I think it would also make a great gift. For my friends and family reading this, this is a hint. Take it!

Shop Sofia's store on Etsy here.

Have a dreamy weekend!

Happy Friday, lovelies! Any fun plans this weekend? I'm going to finally see Martha Marcy May Marlene tonight. So many good reviews, I can't wait. Also excited to see an old friend who is in town from LA. Going to the brunch spot, Peels, which looks so incredibly delish. I am so happy it's the weekend!

In lieu of our Friday round-up of links, check out some of my pics from my weekend getaway last weekend for a friend's birthday. It was blissfully relaxing.

Drinkify: Good Tunes + Good Drinks

My awesome friend Diana just introduced me to this super rad website called Drinkify. You put in the tune you're listening to and wham! Drinkify will tell you exactly what drink to pair it with...genius.

"One order of Jack Penate, please."

Tweed Run New York

via NY Mag.
How cute is this Tweed Run? Wish I had seen it in person! Lots of handsome gents and purdy ladies.

Party Dress (New Years Maybe?)

                                                                    (Photo via Ermie)

Even though we have no official New Years plans as of yet, I'm already on the hunt for a fun NYE party dress. Isn't this one adorable?

How to throw a Day of the Dead/Dia de los Muertos theme party

Karina, Claudia and Me
Alright guys. It's one week later and now that I think I've finally recuperated, I wanted to share with you all of the fun details from our recent Day of the Dead party. Now, as you may know, this is our third year hosting this soiree so we've really been able to make this party unlike any other. And now with all of our experience, we wanted to give you all the necessary how-to instructions in case you want to do this party on your own. So here goes!

Have a dreamy weekend!

What are your plans this weekend, sweet peeps? Lisa and Karina will be in Rhinebeck for a friend's birthday getaway.

Meanwhile, Alex and I will be heading out of town tomorrow for a Fall weekend getaway. Last year we went to Hudson (you can see our photos here :), so this year we've decided to head up to Boston. I've never been so am super excited to take the train ride tomorrow. Aren't train rides romantic? :)

Hope you all have a super lovely weekend filled with cinnamon lattes, afternoon naps & Fall exploring! xo

(Photo via Shannon Eileen Blog)

Halloween party photos coming soon...

DOPT peeps, we will be sharing photos from Lisa & Karina's 3rd Annual Day of the Dead party very soon, in case you'd like to see. :) Until then, I thought I'd share Alex & my Halloween costume as Gomez & Morticia. It was a lot of fun dressing up this year! Did you guys dress up? What's the most creative costume you saw? We live in Chelsea so saw a lot of Lady Gagas. :) Happy Hump Day! xo

Toasty Tights

Hello, November 1st! Now that the toasty weather is officially here, I'm ready to bring the tights out from my winter storage. (I have a tiny NY closet so under-the-bed storage is my best friend. :)

And maybe invest in some fun, new ones. What do you think of these? I especially love the Cabled socks. Cozy with a bit of flirty. ;)

Are you wearing tights yet? Do you stick to the basic black or would you wear something like these?

P.S. Fun Fall tights slideshow.
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