Back to meat, again.

 I have been very torn with my meat relationship for most of my adult life. Before January, I was a vegetarian (well, I ate fish every so often, so I guess that made me a pescetarian.) But this past New Years Eve, I made it back to the dark side. We had a party, there was meat, and the permeant smell sent me aflutter. I couldn't resist it. I dove head first into a bowl a rotisserie chicken and there was no looking back. The next day, I felt guilty. Like really guilty. I thought "how could I be so aware of our food system and still have the desire to eat meat?"

KEDS, I wanna rock you!

A while back I posted about my love of KEDS. So when I read that Madewell and KEDS recently collaborated, I got super-duper-New-Kids-in-love excited. How fun and funky are these striped sneakers? And for only $50 you know I'm gonna rock these! (Only without my fifth grade scrunchie and push-down socks. ;) Get 'em here.

(Via Refinery 29)

Have a dreamy weekend!

Happy Friday, all! The Oscars are this Sunday -- are any of you going to viewing parties? Lisa is throwing one. I can't wait to take part in the peanut gallery! I might spend the weekend catching up on some nods. How about you guys? Who are you rooting for?

And our Friday link roundup...

Wanted: leather clutch by Baggu

I might make this for Sunday

Ira Glass tells it like it is!

Dream couple: Isabel + Ruben Toledo. Uh, can I move in?

Fireflies at night. Beautiful...

Surfing sheep. Cutest thing ever.

I am so ready for Spring. I will wear this:)

Fascination of my childhood hero, Judy Blume.

And the award goes to: list of the nominations so you can catchup!

No-Knead Homemade Bread

Liz, Charlie's Mom, recently sent us a dutch oven and shared the most amazing recipe for homemade bread. The ingredients and recipe are incredibly simple and fool proof (trust me, I am no baker -- believe me when I say anyone can master this recipe.) I made two loafs over the weekend, first round got crispier than I intended, but the second round was perfect. Charlie and I just poured some extra virgin olive oil with a little salt into a dish and dipped away! 

All you need is...
A cast iron dutch oven like this one

And this recipe...
NYTimes recipe for No-Knead Bread 

If you need a little visual reference, this video is helpful, but follow recipe. 

You will be addicted! 

(photos by Karina)

Have a dreamy weekend!

Hi dreamboats! Speaking of dreams, I have been having some vivid ones this week. Perhaps it's all the late night eating, I'm not sure, but they've left such an impression, I wake up compelled to write them down. One of my dreams included me floating tranquilly in the ocean all by myself (which is so not me. I am terrified of deep water.) But when I looked up the meaning, it told me this:  

"(Ocean) is indicative of spiritual refreshment, tranquility and renewal. Alternatively, the dream means that you are feeling empowered and unhindered. You have a positive outlook in life and are not limited by anything." 

I don't mind this meaning at all. :) And, in fact, now I do feel empowered knowing that this is what my subconscious is telling me. How about you guys? Any wild + crazy dreams that have stood out recently?

Hope you all have a wonderful long weekend!

And some links to enjoy throughout...

Constellation bedroom: would you do this?

I'm making homemade bread this weekend.

Interesting read on life after modeling

Tips on packing light. 

Orange lipstick. I sort of love!

This long cardigan is gorgeous. So whimsical.

Sweet Etsy interview w. artist Sophie Blackall

Super cute peanut bowl! Who wouldn't want one?

Will You/Do You Embrace Getting Older?

I think, without a doubt, the idea of aging has been redefined. Said and true, age does not define you (just ask Madonna), and there's no reason you can't be a hip lady at 60 or 70. I, for one, look forward to getting a full head of silver hair. That's if it grows out as gorgeous as these ladies pictured:)

What about you? Do you embrace getting a older? Anything specific you're looking forward to?

(photos via Hair Color Corner + At The Treehouse)

Film: Cadaver (2012)

Oh, to be young, beautiful and antsy! We adore Tavi Gevinson and we're so excited to see this film.

Happy Valentine's Day... Now let's eat chocolate!

Happy Valentine's Day, sweet peeps! OK, let's get real for a moment. What is reeeeally the best part of Valentine's Day? Why its eating unlimited amounts of chocolate, of course! Whether you're coupled up or a singleton, drug stores and malls across the globe are tempting us with chocolate deliciousness around this time of year. (I can finish this box in one sitting.) I am obsessed with chocolate so I appreciate the photo above. Can you recognize most of them? I can! What's your favorite chocolate? Mine is chocolate-covered coconut. :) Have a lovely day!

P.S. The sickest chocolate chip cookie!

P.P.S Food & Wine's Valentine's Day Chocolate Taste Test.

(Photo by Rachel Been Via And Then Some...)

Girl Crush

How gorgeous is this girl's dress? And I'm loving those earrings! Can you tell I'm ready for warm weather? :)

(Via Twigs + Sand)

Have a Dreamy Weekend!

It's no secret that we're obsessed with anything Vanessa Bruno does and since this video was released earlier this week, we cannot stop watching it. Kate Bosworth is stunning and gorgeous and the whole thing is just unbelievably beautiful. Be sure to check out the director, St├ęphanie Di Giusto's other work here.

On another note, it's Friday! I'm trying to catch up on all the Oscar flicks, so I'm going to see The Descendants tonight and hope it's as good as everyone's saying it is. Have you seen it yet?

The rest of the weekend, I'll probably lay low and maybe attempt to make this. Slightly ambitious, but I'm sorta feeling it. My co-workers on Monday might just be a lucky bunch.

How about you? Any fun weekend plans?

And now for our weekly links. Enjoy! ♥

Obsessed with Pinterest? These are the coolest Pinners to follow.

The most Valentine's Day appropriate architecture.

Champagne waffles and chocolate butter? Yes, please!

My new fave Tumblr makes me want to go camping.

But since I probably won't go camping anytime soon, I'd settle for this.

Just a lil' horsin' around!

I'm a huge fan of red lipstick. This lady is rad for loving it too.

And to sum things up, if you enjoyed the video look book above, check out a video Karina did last year (in case you missed it!)

Have a great weekend!

Dreamy Dame: Giovanna Badilla of The Wild

Giovanna, in her apartment.
Giovanna's magazine, The Wild

Nikita, Giovanna's daughter, answering emails for her mama...
Swedish goodies devoured by yours truly
The Wild
When Giovanna Badilla and I first met, we became instant friends. We were both working in commercial production and bonded over the absurd requests made by higher ups, including a specific request made by a director that he only be served fresh homemade tuna sandwiches every day with onions diced, not sliced. True story!

But now, Gio herself is in the position of making absurd requests, but she doesn't. Instead, Gio is incredibly thoughtful and poised. And although soft spoken, don't be fooled. She's relentlessly devoted to creating gorgeous content for the masses and will work hard to make sure that continuously happens.

She is the Editor-In-Chief of The Wild, a magazine founded on the premise that fashion, design, and style are not mutually exclusive from the social and cultural issues that impact the world (wowza!) She's had success and is still building the brand and her magazine can be found internationally at cool shops like Opening Ceremony and Collette in Paris. Not to mention, she's an International girl who was born in Chile but lived in Sweden most of her life, and is now married to an accomplished fashion director from Paris. Oh, and she speaks four languages.

I sat down with Gio in her cute apartment in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, alongside her darling daughter, Nikita (pictured) and got the lowdown on what it takes to be one of the coolest chicks I know.

Art: Metallic stones

How trippy and cool are these metallic stones by artist Jim Hodges? I'd love one in miniature as a paper weight or coffee table decor.

(via Design for Man Kind)

Have a dreamy weekend!

It' Friday! This weekend is going to be great. But I'm especially excited about Superbowl Sunday. For those who don't know, in addition to working with my seesters on exciting projects, I also work in advertising. So Sunday is a big day for the ad world. I love watching what crazy commercials will be aired, even though a few have already leaked, including this awesome spot feat. After the Wedding's very own Nick Puga. Go, Nick! Oh, and can't wait for the half-time show. :)

How will you guys spend your superbowl Sunday? Do you actually watch the game?

And on to some links!

V-day chocolates. Yum!

Stunning wedding invite. I'd join!

S*it Miami Girls Say. This hits close to home:)

I want this Vince sweater. Goes with everything.

Loving M.I.A.'s new video for Bad Girls.

Blog ♥ : Caviar Taste, Tuna Fish Wallet.

Have I died and gone to heaven? Potato chip cookies.

5 easy tips for the perfect blowout. Duly noted!

Mint green shoes. I want!

Can't stop looking at this: one upon a time celebrity couples

Sexy bun.

Sometimes all you need is a sexy bun and a trench. Effortlessly chic. Do you agree?

(photo via Le Fur Coat)

Low Luv x Erin Wasson

I go through phases with my jewelry and for the last couple of months, I've been really into the line, Low Luv designed by one of our fave models, Erin Wasson. I wear the top Metal Crystal Stud earrings nearly everyday and always get compliments on them. I love how her line is kinda edgy but also still understated enough to pair with almost any outfit. 

How about you? What are your go-to jewelry pieces? 

Jewelry photos via Opening Ceremony. Erin Wasson photos via

Let's get down to business

The seesters and I are in the process of finally getting business cards. Bring it, 2012! So I've been searching the web for some inspiration. There are so many great styles to choose from but I particularly liked the ones above. Do you have business cards? What style do you prefer? Minimal, artistic, letterpress?

P.S. Here's a great post with the coolest business cards from Alt Summit 2012.
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