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Quinoa Energy Bowl

This recipe was born from not having many ingredients in my pantry, but sometimes that's the best way to come up with new and inventive recipes! I'm naming this one a quinoa energy bowl because it has everything you need to stay pumped throughout the day! Especially if you're the type that has a late lunch (this makes a great lunch meal as well!) 

Cooking time: 10-15 minutes

1/2 cup cooked quinoa
3/4 slivered almonds
1 lime
1 can chickpeas
1 tsp Extra virgin olive oil
Cayenne pepper (to taste)
Salt (to taste)
1 tbsp roasted flaxseed
1 large brown egg

In a small pan, add olive oil and chickpeas. As they brown, add cayenne pepper and salt to taste. Once thoroughly cooked, add lime juice and set aside. In a separate pan, cook egg in 1tsp of olive oil and 1tsp of water (healthier version.) Do not flip, let cook through. In a bowl, add pre-cooked quinoa.
(I usually make a large batch of plain quinoa for the week, simmered in vegetable broth and water only, most boxes have directions on the back,) and sprinkle crushed almonds and roasted flaxseed (available at Trader Joes) over the bowl. To finish, add chickpeas then your egg. Enjoy. :)

(photos are my own)

Music Videos We Love: Woodkid "Run Boy Run"

I am in love with this video. It's so beautifully shot and epic. No other way to describe it. Just love the inventive plot directed by Yoann Lemoine. Enjoy!

Have a dreamy weekend!

(photo via this amazing blog, Wild Things)

Alas, the weekend is here. What are you guys up to? We might see the new Mike Birbiglia film, "Sleepwalk With Me," which I hear is hilarious. But I also feel a cold coming on, so hopefully I won't be confined to my couch! If that's the case, I would love to eat this.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend! Here are some links to get you started. :)

I've been wearing this Fall lip color. It'll make you feel sexy. :)

This made me laugh out loud.

I want to make this pasta and these scallops (obsessed with recipes that have lemon.)

Saw these boots in person. Officially added to my "wanted" listed.

Do your makeup in 5 minutes!

I want to go here someday...

My new favorite show, without question, is The Mindy Project. Watch full episodes here!

Pinboard that melts my heart.

Awesome dish rack.

I recently chatted politics with some girlfriends and we started talking unions. Somehow, it reminded me to rewatch Norma Rae, a great film starring Sally Field about factory workers. It's inspiring and worth a watch! Here's a trailer to pique your interest.

Growing Out Bangs.

I've had bangs a very long time (close to nine years!) On occassion, I've managed to grow them out (somewhat) and do the side swept look, but it's been so long since I've been able to effortlessly part my hair whichever way I want without using a pound of shaping spray. But now, I've decided to really make the commitment of growing them out. So far, it's been a little hard. My hair gets in my eyes constantly and I feel like I just never have enough bobby pins on me. But then I see inspiration photos of parted hair and girls without bangs, and I get repumped to grow them out. Hopefully in the next few weeks I can try these hairstyles. :)

Ever had a hard time growing out a hairstyle? How'd you get through it?

Me, on the right, with my bangs.

Homemade Hummus: You'll Never Buy It Again!

A few weeks ago I went to a friend's birthday potluck picnic in Prospect Park. The food spread was so impressive! People went above and beyond to make their most delicious recipes. But one that really stood out for me was this hummus, made by our friend, Sogol. It was seriously the most amazing hummus I've ever tried. So good, I nearly finished it all! I just kept on dipping some toasted pita -- it was heaven. And Sogol, the brilliant maker of this perfect hummus was nice enough to share her recipe! So here it is. I promise, you'll never buy store bought hummus again. :)

3 medium sized cans of chickpeas (you can get away with 1 or 2)
8 oz. Tahini
2 garlic cloves (sliced)
Lemon juice to taste (about 4 should do if you like it extra tangy)
Olive oil to taste
Parsley leaves
Paprika (optional)
Coarse sea salt

Add the chickpeas, garlic, lemon juice and olive oil (both to taste) in a food processor. Once blended, add tahini to taste. Then it's just a process of tasting and adding more lemon juice, tahini and salt.

To top it off put some parley leaves and olive oil in the processor and blend them up to make parsley oil and drizzle over hummus, add some paprika, lemon juice and coarse salt on top of it all.

Thank you, Sogol!

(photo via Smarter Fitter)

The Perfect Parka

It's official. This Relwen Fall/Winter Parka would make me very, very happy.

Do you have a bad habit?

Let's talk about bad habits. Nobody really likes to admit they have them, but we're all guilty of some form of it. 

I have a bad habit. Sometimes I start to clean at the end of a party, which makes people feel like they have to leave. But on the contrary, I'm trying to provide a clean space so people can feel comfy and relaxed! But I've been causing the exact opposite. Since I first noticed this about myself, I have made a conscious effort to leave the dishes in the sink and the broom set aside, which makes me wiggly in my seat. But parties are meant to be messy, right? 

How about you? Any nail biters or knuckle crackers? What are you doing to improve your bad habit? Let's share!

(photo via Vanity Fair)

Easiest Flatbread Ever.

My flatbread photo

I just tried this incredibly easy and delicious flatbread recipe. I seriously could not believe how quickly I made it (more or less in 30 minutes.) This is definitely going to be a back pocket weapon for some last-minute get togethers! You can either make it really simple with a little olive oil and salt, or add a few tasty ingredients, like prosciutto and cauliflower, which is next on my list! 

I want this cookbook!

Wow. This book looks amazing.

Max Sussman of Roberta's and his brother Eli, of Mile End, have come together to create this dynamic cookbook for the at-home chef who doesn't have a lot of time or a hefty budget. I haven't tried Mile End just yet - dying to - but Roberta's pizza is hands down one of my favorite restaurants in New York,  in fact, the Clintons just ate there! That has to count for something, right? :)

You can buy This is a Cookbook: Recipes for Real Life here
Pizza from Roberta's (um, yea.)

And a sandwich from Mile End (yum.)
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