Early Autumn Pie

Some friends of mine recently did something very nice for me and I was pretty stumped on how to thank them. Wine and champagne were out of the question because they work in the industry, and it couldn't be too personal since I was planning to bring it to their office. As I love baking, I figured a pie would be perfect. So I did some research and honestly, had trouble finding pies for this time of year. My initial plan was blueberry pie, but that sorta felt too summery, and with the weather here in NY dropping slightly, I wanted it to be a bit more autumn like. But of course when you google autumn desserts, you get a lot of pumpkin, pecan and apple. Those are perfectly fine of course, but I was still looking for something that felt less... Thanksgivingy. Finally, I saw this Plum and Mascarpone pie on my Pinterest feed and knew I wanted to try making it. The result was messy and looked nothing like the photo on the Bon Appetit site, but it was incredibly delicious nonetheless. Take a peek below for more photos. 


Dana :

Looks delicious. I would certainly love to be thanked with pie.

Sandy Caribou :

THANK YOU FOR SHARING. For sure bookmarking this recipe. I love plums, but sometimes find them too tart. Roasting them down and adding that delicious creaminess of the mascarpone sounds amazing. <3

Eliza Jane :

I think you found the perfect way - and the perfect pie - to say thank you!!

Barbie // Little Skyline :

Oh wow, that looks amazing! Great way to say 'thank you!'

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