Have a dreamy weekend!

Please excuse our recent absence! We are in pre-production for After the Wedding, which is super exciting! But has left us with little posting time. But alas, Friday is here! It's sort of gloomy here in New York. How is it in your neck of the woods? If the rain continues here, perhaps we'll keep it low-key. The Cheap Eats issue of NYMag just came out and I'm dying to try some of their recommendations, including this place

Also, are you guys going to watch the summer Olympics ceremony? The pictured photo got me excited to watch the divers!

And now onto links...

How to make great granola every time. Gotta try this! 

Interesting. GenX jaded by Global Warming. Do you agree?

How to successfully brand your blog via Blog Milk

Zaha Hadid speedboat. So cool!

I want this to be my next vacation. Has anyone been?

Ice cream made with liquid nitrogen. What da what!? 

10 ways to dress up a ponytail. Love this.

Our friends at Llorente Design have the cutest stationary! I want it all.

Anyone watch Mr. Wizard growing up? This video will make you laugh out loud.

The Woman issue of The Wild is out. Kudos, Gio!

Have a dreamy weekend ♥

(photo via Nouvelle/Nouveau. Artist unknown)


Filip and Kristel :

Good picture and diving stlye, I am certainly going to watch.


Brigette Olmos-Arreola :

love the picture! i'm kind of envious of your rainy weekend, it's 85 her at the beach in california missing the rain.

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