Last-minute holiday gifts for the budget-conscious...

Okay, guys. If you're anything like me, a few gifts have not made it to the "checked" list. So, to help with those last minute toughies, here are a few ideas that will make your gift feel personal and thoughtful...almost like you bought it months in advance:)

For your mom...
A personalized photo album of the two of you. What mother doesn't like to reminise about the days when you actually let her choose the clothes you wear. ;)
Kodak photo maker: prices + styles vary

For your dad...
Our Dad loves Woody Allen. He thinks Woody was in his prime in the 70s (which I partially agree with), which makes Woody Allen's stand up CD a perfect gift. Plus, you can play it in the background on Christmas morning while making breakfast. A couple chuckles for all.
Avail. on Amazon ($15) with expedited shipping for Friday delivery.

For your sister...
A gift basket with her fave beauty goodies she's always running out of, including: Esse nail polish, Keratin Complex shampoo + conditioner, Wolford tights (no night out on the town will get thru these!), L'Oreal eye makeup remover, M.A.C. liquid eyeliner, and a copy of Mindy Kaling's giggle-inducing book, Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me.

For your brother (even though we don't have one!)...
OK, this is my outsider suggestion! But if we had a brother, I would hope he'd be an at home beer-making kit appreciator, avail at William-Sonoma (only $40!)

For your BFF...
A fake voucher for a night out on the town with all your girlfriends. Everyone gets so darn busy in this city, instead of doing the usual catch-up tea or coffee and brunch, you can get your fancy on and head out for a night of dancing and laughing...just like when you first arrived to this crazy city (the thoughtful part would be to make a fake voucher of sorts involving lots of bubble letters and glitter, just like your slumber party invites when you were a kid.)

For the man in your life...
A gift certificate for an old fashioned shave. Because what man doesn't want to feel a little fancy and manly at the same time? And a good shave usually costs no more than $30. For my fellow NY'ers: The Blind Barber

Enjoy the recommendations! 


Chapstick Fanatic :

all of these are great ideas! i especially love the gift basket for the sister. that is so thoughtful and useful too!

La Mode Operandi :

Awesome suggestions! Especially the friend one, homemade coupons are such a cute idea!

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