Film: Rachel Getting Married (2008)

A few years ago I saw Rachel Getting Married and for some reason, I wasn't a fan. I forget what I didn't like about it, but since then, I've watched it again and I've realized I was so incredibly wrong. This movie is awesome. Read more about what I think by clicking below.

I love this movie! I love the way it's shot, the dialogue, the way the characters seamlessly weave in and out of conversation, the built up angst between the sisters...  there is so much going on throughout the film that sometimes it's even hard to miss the little details of the movie. But I watched it again last night and for the first time, I noticed tiny things I hadn't seen before, like small facial expressions made by the background actors, whispered comments underneath the character's breath, and jokes I didn't appreciate previously.

If you don't know the premise of the film, I'll tell you briefly. Kym (Anne Hathaway) gets to leave rehab for the weekend of her sister, Rachel's, wedding. When Kym arrives to her childhood home however, it's more than just a happy reunion. The past is brought up and there's drama, tension, resentment and a lot of previously unexpressed feelings. And yeah, the story is based on Kym being an addict, but it's also really dead-on at portraying the relationship between sisters. Ultimately, it's really a story about unconditional love and forgiveness. Cheesy, but true! So yeah, I am now a fan.

You can rent the movie on iTunes or order the DVD through Netflix. Also, the official movie website is pretty neat - lots of behind the scenes info, including interviews, bios, etc. I love that kind of stuff, you might too.


Miss Amy :

Awesome - I love cheesy truth!!! :) Sounds like a really great movie actually. Thanks for sharing your review - I love rediscovering that I actually enjoy something I thought I didn't. Good for you for giving it a second chance. ;)

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