Have a safe weekend.

Lower Manhattan loses power.

Without question, this has been a trying week for lots of New Yorkers and anyone who was in Hurricane Sandy's path. She came and went, and left behind a disastrous trail that has left many without homes, food, and power (not to mention, the loss of loved ones.) I've been watching the news pretty much nonstop, and it's shocking to hear the experiences of so many, especially since we barely felt any of the effects of it living in East Williamsburg, which is a relief but has also made me feel a little guilty.

Tons of friends have been posting their photos on Facebook or found ones that are so gripping and emotional. Here are a few I came across that I feel speak louder than words.

(Stay safe, everyone. And for those who are looking for ways to help, visit Manhattan's helpful user's guide.)

Iconic roller coaster in Seaside, no more.
Beached car
Queens fire aftermath
Once a playground...
86th Street.
Subway entrance.

Pile up.

Traffic. Everywhere.
The force of waves.

(photos via NY Times, Inhabitat, Slate, various.)


nadia :

Heartbreaking. My husband and I just visited NY for the first time this spring and we just fell in love with the city and the people who fill it. All of our thoughts and prayers are with those affected.

xo Nadia

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