Have a dreamy weekend!

Happy Friday, all! Tonight, Charlie and I are going with some friends to a hockey game. I've never been to one, so I'm excited to experience it. I hear they can get pretty rowdy! Have you guys ever been to a game? Is it as violent as people say? The rest of the weekend will be spent kicking back with some girlfriends I haven't seen in a while. Maybe I'll invite them over to my place for some wine + cheese, followed by an impromptu dance party in my living room. :)

What are your plans for the weekend?

And our weekly roundup. Enjoy!

Funny valentines cards

A cabin in Brooklyn

Missoni inspired by Pedro Almodovar muses

Dangers of high heels. Eeps!

Punchfork recipe site. Slightly addicting!

This is guaranteed to make your day.

Coolest interactive art installation. Ever.

I wouldn't mind this adorable shirt dress.

We ♥ Kristen Wiig.

Also, congratulations to our giveaway winner, The Fashionable ESQ!

(film still from The Science of Sleep. A must-see!)


meghan :

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm thrilled with my savings this month, too. I am a teacher, but with my wedding coming up this summer I'm saving so that we can pay cash for things and not have to charge things. It's definitely bare bones essentials that I've been living on with one small spending I did on some workout clothes in the beginning.

The Fashionable ESQ :

Hi! I'm excited I won! Yay! :) The necklace looks like it's going to be a great addition to my accessories closet.
I've been to a couple of hockey games - really I just enjoy the food, haha. Not much violence at the one's I've attended.

- The Fashionable ESQ


Nina Gonzalez :

I am familiar with Antigua. We've never visited, but have heard wonderful things! We actually spent a day in guatemala, en la ciudad! we had a layover and stayed at this very nice boutique hotel..it left us wanting more, so it is i=on our "to see" list :)

thank you so much for visiting NOTM ! BESOS

Anita :

Lovely blog.

La Mode Operandi :

Going to sporting events is always a fun time! I usually go with my dad as a kind of tradition. We watch the universities men and women basketball games together, eat dried up lamp-heated pizza, drink pop and eat licorice!

Jessica :

Have fun at the game! It was my first time going last year and indeed, it's get rowdy! But it's amazing and would do it again anyday :) such an amazing vibe

Wander.Lust :

that cabin in a loft is amazing! i love the new look of the site btw. enjoy the weekend ladies!

Abigail Oliveros :

hello ladies!
I have chosen your blog for an award!


much much love,

FashionFreak/Mihaela :

Love this post!^^

new post - up all night♥mfashionfreak

Emi Coco :

Lovely post!

Shall we follow each other? I'm following you.


Claudia Cifuentes :

Thanks Abigail for the lovely honor! xo

blue roses :

i went to a hockey game last week, and had a blast!


Hilary Nicole :

Cute post! I love the top link. Have a great day.

XX Hilary

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